Joaquin Phoenix's Joker 2 Receives Script Update

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Every time Warner Bros. has gotten its super-powered footing in recent memory, the DC rug has been pulled out from under them, as the brand has produced lackluster results on the big screen. But with names like The Batman and The Suicide Squad being heralded as monster successes, perhaps things are turning around for the IP. One of the biggest of these highs for WB in the past decade was Todd Phillips' Joker

The Joker origin story took a page out of the Martin Scorsese playbook, producing an Oscar-winning effort that was more Taxi Driver than Justice League. Ever since Phillips and crew wrapped up their theatrical run centered on the clown prince of crime, fans have been wondering, "when is the sequel coming?"

Well, despite a new Joker being introduced in The Batman, Warner Bros. is moving full steam ahead with Joaquin Phoenix's version of the character in a Todd Phillips written and directed Joker 2.

Rumor has it the script is currently being worked on and filming could start as soon as early 2023; however, that plan could be stalled at least for the moment if a new report is to be believed. 

Joker 2 is Taking Awhile

Joker Movie

According to TheAnkler, the Joker 2 script has hit a bit of a snag, and work on the project has slowed. It is unclear what the holdup is, but writer-director Todd Phillips has not yet turned in a draft of the script.

As of now, there is no need to worry about the film though. If the script were to be completed by this summer, or even as late as this fall, then shooting could commence in early 2023. This would mean that the movie would likely ultimately hit cinemas in fall 2024.

No More Joking Around

As mentioned above, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Joker 2 at this point; although, it is getting awfully close to that point of nervousness. If Phillips' script does end up getting finished before this fall, then that would be the film will ultimately come out five years after the original. That is a long time for fans to wait. 

That half-decade will likely not mean much in the grand scheme of things though. Joker was a bonafide hit, making over a billion at the box office and taking home some award season hardware in the process. So, there is no reason for fans to get worried... at least not yet. 

It has been a long time since the first Joker. While it seems like Todd Phillips is nearly done with the script for his sequel, five years later, it would not be surprising if either the film's star Joaquin Phoenix or Phillips came out saying they have lost interest. 

But for now, audiences will have to wait, as there looks to be no lack of Joker content coming in the next couple of years. 

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