Jared Leto Returning as Joker? Actor Wants to Return to DC

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Jared Leto Joker DC Again

As evidenced by the last few years, DC is never far away from bringing some version of the Joker into play on the big screen. While Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) and Barry Keoghan (The Batman) got to bring their versions to their unique DC universes, Jared Leto made his mark as the Clown Prince of Crime within the DC Extended Universe.

Unfortunately, Leto's Joker didn't get a ton of material to work with, only seeing less than ten minutes of screen time in total during his appearance in 2016's Suicide Squad. Even though he got the chance to reprise the role for 2021's Zack Snyder's Justice League, he only came on-screen during the movie's final scene after teases of more in the film's promotional tour.

Even considering the less-than-ideal hand he was dealt, Leto has spoken often about how much he loves bringing this iconic DC role to life.

Now, more than a year after his last appearance in a DC film, Leto once again looked back at his time playing the role with a positive sentiment.

Leto Hopes to Come Back as DC's Joker

Jared Leto Joker

Speaking with Variety during the press tour for Sony's Morbius, Jared Leto revisited his time playing the Joker within the DC Extended Universe.

Playing the role in both Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder's Justice League is something that Leto looks back on with pride, especially having the opportunity "to do it twice:"

“That role was an opportunity of a lifetime. And I got a chance to do it twice.”

When asked if he would be open to playing the role again as a different Joker rises from the shadows in the The Batman universe, Leto utilized a classic response in saying, "Never say never."

Leto is known for diving into the deep end with the roles he takes, which he feels in his heart after leaving them behind once shooting finishes. Whether it's the Joker or Morbius, he sees them as "living, breathing people," admitting that it would disappoint him to never visit those characters again:

“For me, they’re like living, breathing people. I know they’re not, of course, but I get attached. It’s a shame to never do it again.”

Will the DCEU Revisit the Joker?

At the moment, Jared Leto is under no contractual obligations to play the Joker again, and the DCEU doesn't appear set to revisit the role in any of its upcoming movies. With Barry Keoghan playing the role in Robert Pattinson's The Batman and James Gunn's The Suicide Squad omitting the Joker completely, it may be some time until Leto has another chance at the character.

Even with that future being uncertain, it's clear that Leto would be all in to bring the classic Batman antagonist back into this universe.

Right now, Leto's focus is on the Marvel world thanks to his leading role in Morbius, giving him another terrifying character to embody in Sony's take on the Living Vampire. But should Warner Bros. decide to bring Leto back as the pale-faced psychopath in another DC story, the man behind the clown would be the first in line to bring the character back.

Leto's appearances as the Joker in Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder's Justice League are available to stream on HBO Max.

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