Margot Robbie's Upcoming Harley Quinn Return Teased by DC Writer

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Margot Robbie Harley Quinn

A major name at DC Comics teased that Margot Robbie might not be done playing Harley Quinn as the DCU looks to its new era.

Robbie boasts as many appearances in the greater DC Universe as almost anybody, having last played her iconic role during 2021's The Suicide Squad under writer/director James Gunn.

Since that time, Gunn took over as the co-CEO of the newly-formed DC Studios, announcing an entirely new slate of projects that will start a brand new era of DC storytelling in theaters and on Max, with some characters confirmed to be recast.

DC Writer Teases Margot Robbie Comeback

Margot Robbie, The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume

DC Comics writer Jimmy Palmiotti teased on Twitter that Margot Robbie may be on her way back to the DC Universe in the near future as Harley Quinn.

Sharing a GIF of Robbie modeling for a photo shoot in her costume from The Suicide Squad, Palmiotti praised "everything James Gunn has brought to the movies" while also hinting that "great things are coming:"

"Listen guys, I love everything James Gunn has brought to the movies. Always fun, always unpredictable, and always that edge of humor and fun that Amanda and I enjoy. The man loves the material and you can see it on display in everything he touches. Great things are coming."

Currently, the only project that will feature Harley Quinn will come with Lady Gaga's portrayal in Joker: Folie à Deux, with Robbie having commented in December 2022 that the Grammy-winner is "going to do an amazing job."

James Gunn also debunked a rumor in April pertaining to a prequel series being in development for Robbie's Harley Quinn, which was said to focus on "the story of how her need to save the Joker led to her mind being shattered."

Where Could Margot Robbie Return as Harley Quinn?

It's been quite clear over the last few years that Gunn thinks highly of Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn, with the DC Studios co-CEO telling a fan in March that Robbie would "for sure" work with him again for a new project.

And while there are no specific projects that seem to be a natural fit for Robbie in Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, Gunn did confirm that more than half of the entire slate remains under wraps, which could include a Harley Quinn return.

It's still unclear exactly which recent DC projects will be considered canon under Gunn's new DCU, specifically looking at entries like Peacemaker and Blue Beetle, with Harley Quinn working so closely alongside Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad.

But whether she plays the same version of the character from past movies or a new take on the antiheroine, even with rumors about her being in talks to star in Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four, the door is still open for her to stick with the blue brand.

All of Margot Robbie's DC appearances as Harley Quinn are available to stream on Max.

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