New Harley Quinn Season 3 Poster Shows off 8 Main Characters

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Harley Quinn Season 3

Many are likely very familiar with the name Harley Quinn. For most, it'll likely bring to mind images of Margot Robbie's excellent portrayal of the character across various live-action DCEU properties. However, there's another version of the character who deserves some recognition: Kaley Cuoco's animated version in HBO Max's Harley Quinn.

The show isn't anything like the standard DC Comics affair. Its adult-oriented format allows the series to go above and beyond what one might normally see many of these characters do—whether that be with violence, raunchiness, or just outrageous antics.

HBO Max is preparing to launch Harley Quinn's third season later this month. A recent trailer for its upcoming debut showcased an animated James Gunn, the Court of Owls, a very active Swamp Thing, and a fun Suicide Squad cameo.

Now, to go with that fun teaser, a new poster has been revealed which is sure to make the wait that much harder.

New Harley Quinn Poster Showcases Main Characters

A new poster for Harley Quinn's third season has been uncovered, and it lays out who may end up being the main characters of the new batch of episodes.

The new title art showcases Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy enjoying their honeymoon as King Shark pushes the newlywed's swing. Also seen in the poster are Bane, Frank the Plant, Commissioner Gordon, Batman, and Clayface.

Harley Quinn Season 3
DC Comics

The Crazies of Season 3

Honestly, it’s hard to believe Harley Quinn isn’t far more popular than it is. The moment it made the news for having to cut an oral sex scene with Batman and Catwoman, one would’ve thought it’d be the talk of the town for years—though it looks like a version of that scene did make it into the trailer for Season 3.

For those still on edge for more of Harley’s animated world, a spin-off series is already in the works. It’s set to focus on Kite-Man’s purchase of Noonan’s Bar and will even have Bane in it, who made it onto the new poster above.

While the two-year wait has been a long one, thankfully, it’s almost done. For those who are looking to try the show out for the first time, HBO just recently released the series’ first episode for free online for the world to check out.

Harley Quinn Season 3 hits HBO Max on Thursday, July 28.

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