New Harley Quinn Season 4 Photo Teases Batman Antics In Upcoming Episodes

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A newly released image promoting Season 4 of Harley Quinn looks to tease some Batman-centric antics.

The adult animated series focuses on Harley as she looks to recover from her time with her abusive ex, The Joker. What follows is an endless string of crazy events, some truly outrageous DC Comics moments, and even big-time cameos (like from James Gunn himself).

Not long after the third season of the series was released, fans were surprised with the debut of a Valentine's Day special—which focused on Harley and Ivy’s fan-favorite romance.

Thankfully, plenty more of Harley’s misadventures will be making their way to audiences sooner rather than later.

Harley Quinn Takes on Batman?

In a new Twitter post on Harley Quinn’s official Twitter account, the show dropped a new image teasing its upcoming Season 4.

Along with the fresh picture, which featured Harley Quinn’s silhouette lit up across the Gotham skyline, the account seemed to tease that the titular character is coming after Batman’s home turf:

”Gotham deserves a little better than a boring @$$ bat, don't ya think?”

Harley Quinn 1

The imagery is obviously a fun play on Batman’s usual callsign in the skies of Gotham City.

Harley Quinn, Batman

It’s worth noting that while the newly released image could be directly from Season 4 of Harley Quinn, it might also simply be an edited version of the below frame from Harley Quinn’s A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day

Harley Quinn

Gotham City Needs A New Protector

Recently, Harley Quinn has leaned far more into anti-hero territory than villain across the various mediums she’s appeared in. For the Max animated series, her path toward heroism played a key role in her journey throughout Season 3.

It would only make sense for that trend to continue in the next set of episodes. Perhaps Season 4 will feature a storyline where not only will Harley Quinn start to try and take on some heroics, but she’ll be looking to undermine Batman’s usual gig in the process.

Writers for the show also previously revealed how they’d love to include storylines with Power Girl, Red Hood, and Black Canary.

While the fourth season isn’t out yet, fans are already left wondering if the series will continue beyond that. A recent post from series director Christina Manrique did offer some hope that more installments might be in the works—though there’s nothing official as of writing.

Harley Quinn Season 4 is set to debut on Max on July 27.

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