Harley Quinn Season 4: Producers Reveal Future DC Crossover Hopes

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Kaley Cuoco’s Harley Quinn is finally getting ready to start back up in only a few weeks. The HBO Max adult animated series follows the iconic Batman villain as she sets off on her own adventures after leaving her abusive and downright violent ex, the Joker. Things seem much better for her now, seeing as she’s now happily married to Poison Ivy.

It’s been two years since a new installment of the show has aired, but thankfully, the drought is coming to an end. But, as is the norm for comic book fans, people are already wondering what might be in store after Season 3.

In a new interview, the creatives behind the show have revealed some characters they’d love to see in future episodes. To give a hint, one’s a tragic member of the Bat-Family, and the other could bring the Multiverse to Harley Quinn’s doorstep.

Future DC Crossover Hopes Revealed

Harley Quinn Season 4 characters

As covered by Bleeding Cool, Harley Quinn writers Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern took part in an Instagram Live AMA, where they revealed some future DC crossover hopes they'd like to see in the show's future.

Halpern suggests how he'd like to see Power Girl, who was actually supposed to appear in a season 1 episode that saw Harley looking for advice on her new costume. She'd go up to her and as Power Girl about her "boob window," poking fun at the impracticality of female superhero costumes.

Schumacker goes on to suggest Red Hood, who was once an Easter Egg in the back of Noonan's, but was cut so that he could get the proper spotlight in the future. The writer also vouched for wanting to include Black Canary, with her being part of a riff on Gotham City Sirens.

The two continued on to reveal more details on some new faces appearing in the upcoming third season. One of those people is Nightwing, played by Harvey Guillen, who both writers promise will play "a very particular version" of the character and will have a "very particular tone." He won't be alone either, as more members of the Bat-Family are set to make themselves known in Season 3.

Then there's the debut of the Music Meister, voiced by Larry Owens. The musical villain will be the center of an episode focusing "on Catwoman and Batman's rocky relationship, where the two are expressing their true feelings about each other in song."

As seen in the trailer, Amanda Waller will also show up for at least an episode, and she won't be alone; some of her Suicide Squad buddies will be in the early part of the season.

There were some names that Schumacker and Halpern mentioned won't be showing up this time around, including Punchline and Zatanna—both of which could end up coming back in future episodes.

Could Red Hood and Power Girl be in Harley's Future?

For those who aren’t aware, Power Girl is the Earth-2 version of Supergirl. Could the show have once taken audiences through the DC Comics Multiverse? Sounds like a path that could provide season 4 with some zany storylines.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen anytime soon. At the very least, this upcoming season is jam-packed with new faces.

For one, it will undoubtedly be a blast to be introduced to more of the Bat-family such as Nightwing—especially in the exaggerated world that Harley Quinn exists in. Even Batman himself will get the spotlight with Catwoman (oral sex not included).

Red Hood was also specifically mentioned as being a character the show still wants to use in the future. It’s hard to imagine such a tragic character getting the spotlight in Harley Quinn, but as they’ve shown before, the writers on the show can pretty much do anything—except for Marvel jokes.

HBO Max’s Harley Quinn season 3 lands on the streaming service on Thursday, July 28, later this year.

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