Dylan O'Brien Reacts to Nightwing Casting Rumors

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Thanks to the recent success of The Batman in theaters worldwide, the Dark Knight is on everyone's mind. Matt Reeves' new adaptation of the famous hero brings Robert Pattinson in as Bruce Wayne under the cape and cowl. This interpretation sees Wayne uncomfortable with his own billionaire persona, all but ignoring its existence. He's a recluse and never goes outside unless he feels he truly has to. If he could keep the Batsuit on forever, he would.

Of course, the character goes through some growth, and by the end of the movie, it would seem he might be in a healthier place. A more comfortable Bruce Wayne makes for a better and more efficient Batman, after all.

So, with all that said, in a future movie, could audiences see an experienced Dark Knight comfortable enough with his persona where he would take on a prodigy; or, more specifically, a Robin?

While Pattinson's future is unknown, there have been plenty of rumors indicating how the DCEU might be getting its own Robin in Dick Grayson, who would actually go by Nightwing at this point. 

It was previously rumored by two reliable industry sources, KC Walsh and Twitter user @MyTimeToShineHello, that The Maze Runner star Dylan O'Brien would not only playing Nightwing in the upcoming film Batgirl, but that O'Brien's appearance would go on to set up his own DC solo project

Dylan O'Brien himself has commented on what he thinks about all the casting rumors.

Dylan O'Brien on Batman Rumors

Nightwing, Batman

In an interview with Post Cred Pod, actor Dylan O'Brien commented on all the fan castings of him as the famous Dick Grayson, the first Robin that went on to become the hero Nightwing.

O'Brien noted how he was "aware of it" and that he even "asked [his] manager, 'Is this even an actual thing?:'"

"I'm aware of it. I've seen a lot of it. I've not heard anything about it on the professional side, but it's cool that it made its way to me, to the point where I asked my manager, 'Is this even an actual thing?'"

Will O'Brien Be Nightwing?

How likely is it that Nightwing is coming to live-action? The odds are fairly high. A recent set photo from Leslie Grace's upcoming solo film showed wall graffiti that presented Michael Keaton's Batman in all his glory, with a Robin immortalized to his right. Given that rumors indicate Keaton will go on to become the de-facto DCEU Dark Knight, this seems to at least prove that this new timeline continuity, courtesy of The Flash, will include a new retro-established Bat-Family member.

If O'Brien is set to play the hero, it would be a perfect casting. The actor has an incredible range and is undoubtedly leading-man material. Hopefully, these rumors are true, and fans will be able to see him suit up alongside Leslie Grace's Barbara Gordon to take down Firefly.

The Batman is playing in theaters worldwide, and Batgirl is set for an HBO Max release at the end of this year.

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