Batgirl's Expected HBO Max Release Window Revealed

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Batgirl, HBO Max

DC has arguably its biggest theatrical year ever ahead in 2022, with a packed slate that includes The BatmanSuper-PetsBlack AdamThe Flash, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. But the chaos doesn't stop there as. Following the record-breaking success of the Peacemaker seriesBatgirl will premiere exclusively on HBO Max as DC's first live-action original streaming blockbuster.

In The Heights star Leslie Grace will make her DC debut as Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, while J.K. Simmons reprises his Justice League role as her father, Commissioner Gordon, and Michael Keaton tags along as Batman. Meanwhile, Brendan Fraser is set to play Batman villain Firefly in the movie and will seemingly serve as Batgirl's main antagonist.

Production is currently well underway in the Scottish city of Glasgow, doubling for Gotham once again and is expected to conclude in the coming months. Warner Bros. has yet to set a release date for Batgirl, however, new evidence pointed to its HBO Max release window. 

When Does the Batgirl Movie Release?

Batgirl, HBO Max

According to a Facebook post from Batman executive producer Michael Ulsan, Batgirl is expected to premiere on HBO Max in December 2022.

Ulsan shared the recently-released shadowed image of Michael Keaton's Batman with a caption referring to his appearance in The Flash in November and Batgirl in December:

"And coming in November… and December…Michael Keaton Returns..."

The 1989 Batman actor will reprise his role alongside Ezra Miller's speedster and Ben Affleck's Dark Knight in The Flash before making an appearance in Leslie Grace's Batgirl on HBO Max.

When Will the Batgirl Trailer Release?

Batgirl, Michael Keaton, Batman, Gotham

With Batgirl now being heavily implied to be on its way to HBO Max in December, many will be left wondering when to expect the first trailer to drop online. On average, Hollywood tends to release its trailers around four months before a movie, usually alongside another major blockbuster to drum up the most excitement possible.

Since Batgirl is an HBO Max exclusive endeavor, as opposed to the standard theatrical release method, Warner Bros. isn't necessarily bound to stick to these marketing norms.

With Michael Keaton set to replace Ben Affleck as the DCEU's Batman in The Flash, there's a strong possibility the first look at Batgirl may hold spoilers for the big twist. There is a strong possibility Warner Bros. will wait to drop Batgirl's trailer until after the speedster's solo flick to maintain its secrets. If this unlikely scenario were to play out, the first look may not be released until November.

Although if Batgirl were to follow the HBO Max standard trailer-to-premiere release window, it ought to drop around mid-summer. Halle Berry's upcoming streaming flick, Moonshot, released its teaser on November 1, 2021, 150 days before its March 31, 2022 release. Following this pattern for Batgirl's December release window, the first trailer ought to surface at some point in July.

Batgirl is currently still filming in the Scottish city of Glasgow but ought to wrap filming in the coming weeks or months in time for release on HBO Max in December 2022.

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