Harley Quinn Season 3: New Plot Details for 5 Upcoming Episodes Revealed

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Harley Quinn, Batman

Margot Robbie’s take on Harley Quinn has been one of the biggest lynchpins of the DCEU. It’s no surprise that James Gunn, director of The Suicide Squad, has teased working with the character again. The actress has made the character nothing less than iconic, but while many fans might feel like they’re in a Harley drought, HBO Max has just the show to quench that thirst.

Named after its titular antihero, Harley Quinn is an adult animated series that takes the characters and the rest of the DC Comics universe around her to the extremes. For those who haven’t seen any of the show, the first episode is actually now streaming for free so that the show can get a few more viewers.

Its third season is about to land in just a few weeks, and lots of new information about the upcoming batch of episodes has been revealed within the last week. Harley and Ivy are basically on their honeymoon, James Gunn will be making an in-universe Thomas Wayne biopic, Swamp Thing will be getting busy, and that's just the start.

Now, the writers of the show have gone on to offer up even more information about what’s to come, specifically plot information for five of the ten episodes.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Episode Details

Harley Quinn

Thanks to a live Instagram AMA, and as reported on by Bleeding Cool, Harley Quinn writers Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern revealed some new plot points for half of the upcoming episodes.

The eighth episode of the third season, titled ‘Alert’, was the hardest one to write, according to the two writers. This one will focus on Bruce Wayne and take viewers inside of Bruce's mind—in turn, different takes on Batman across all of pop culture will be poked fun at.

Additionally, the duo pointed out that fans of Batman: The Animated Series will be particularly wowed by the episode, as backgrounds and Danny Elfman’s music will be used. The story will also revisit Bruce’s origin, potentially multiple times.

Another episode that will have Batman front and center will see his relationship with Catwoman explored. Larry Owens will voice the Music Meister, and his power will lead to the couple expressing their feelings about each other through song.

The Joker will also be getting an episode heavily focused on him. The writers tease that they’ve done something with the character that “hasn’t been done before” and, like the Batman episode, will reference previous incarnations of Mr. J throughout pop culture.

When the Noonan’s spinoff show was announced, there wasn’t much more information to go alongside of it. However, the two make note that “your Kite-Man questions will be answered” and that loveable goof will be showing up in the first three episodes.  Bane will also make an appearance, having a storyline with Rachel Dratch’s Nora Fries.

As for Harvey and Ivy, the duo confirmed that the pair would never be breaking up on the show. They also teased that the very first scene of the season was a spicy one and that the two love birds were carefully approached as if they were in an “actual relationship.”

Harley Quinn Aims the Spotlight Elsewhere

Despite this being a Harley Quinn show, it sure does seem like the episodes will have lots of focus elsewhere. There are two installments heavily focused on Batman, another on Joker, and potentially a fourth centered more on setting up Noonan's.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's an interesting approach. What they don’t say, however, is how Harley Quinn will likely factor into all of those stories somehow—but just how that will happen, only time will tell.

The good news is that they seem genuine about never breaking up Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. The couple is a fan favorite, and if they were to end things, especially any time soon, the writers would no doubt be dealing with lots of angry voices.

Harley Quinn releases on HBO Max on Thursday, July 28.

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