Harley Quinn Calls Out Ben Affleck In Hilarious New Trailer

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Harley Quinn, Ben Affleck

While DC continues to fill out its theatrical slate, the studio is intent on producing exclusive content for HBO Max.

Many of these projects will be fully canon to the DCEU, including James Gunn’s upcoming series Peacemaker. The John Cena-starring show will follow the character’s journey post-The Suicide Squad, with new footage released at DC FanDome revealing that he will be teaming up with Amanda Waller’s former crew.

Some films will also be exclusive to the service, such as Blue Beetle and Batgirl. Both movies received first looks through new concept art, with Jaime Reyes' costume seeming to resemble Iron Man's and Barbara Gordon brooding over Gotham City

Animated properties are also welcome on HBO Max, with Season 3 of Harley Quinn set to hit the streaming service next year. Now, DC has provided fans with a new look at the upcoming season.

Harley Quinn Calls Out Ben Affleck

During DC FanDome, HBO Max's Harley Quinn animated series received a brand new trailer for Season 3.

Harley Quinn

The trailer featured a hilarious meta introduction with Kaley Cuoco's Harley and Ron Funches' King Shark, followed by a series of animatics representing several scenes from the show.

One moment depicted Harley throwing an individual overboard while calling out the DCEU's very own Ben Affleck:

"Send our regards to whatever Catwoman you work for! And tell Ben Affleck I upper-decked his fancy SodaStream!"

Also revealed were new Season 3 designs for Harley and Poison Ivy:

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Season 3 costumes

The full trailer can be viewed below:


More DC Chaos for Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is not shy about poking fun at the lore that exists inside and out of the DC Universe, almost acting as Warner Bros.' answer to Deadpool. The show even went so far as to poke fun at Snyder Cut fans in Season 2, so the Ben Affleck reference falls right in line with what fans have come to expect from the animated show.

In terms of the third season's narrative, Harley and Ivy look to be embarking on their Eat, Bang, Kill tour after getting together in the Season 2 finale. A lot of emphasis was placed on their relationship in this teaser, so this third season should explore their dynamic even further. Their new designs are major departures from the duo's outfits from the first two seasons, but match the gallivanting nature of their journey this time around.

Key characters like Clayface, King Shark, Kite Man, and Doctor Psycho all return, though it is unknown how involved they will be with the series. Story events in the previous season somewhat fractured the ragtag group that these characters had formed, so it will be interesting to see whether Harley decides to get the full band back together.

Harley Quinn makes full use of DC's catalog of characters, and the third season looks to be no different. Several newcomers to the series were teased, including Swamp Thing and the Court of Owls. The avian-themed organization making an appearance could tie more into Batman's story this season, as the Dark Knight is usually featured as a semi-regular role in the show.

Batman appears to be in fighting-form once again after being out of action in Season 2, so perhaps he and Batgirl will be forced to go toe-to-toe with the Court of Owls and infiltrate their underground operations.

Season 3 of Harley Quinn is set to release exclusively on HBO Max in 2022.

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