Deadpool Co-Creator Won't Spoil Deadpool 3 Details for Fear of His Life

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On top of their 31 projects currently in development, Marvel Studios is hard at work figuring out their plan for how to introduce the long-awaited X-Men into the storied franchise. Although rumors are pointing to projects like The Mutants helping with this endeavor, one entry confirmed to already be in development is Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 3.

Although it hasn't officially been announced yet, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is looking forward to continuing the Merc With A Mouth's story amongst the MCU's finest after two wildly successful solo outings with 20th Century Fox. Already on board to write the film are Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin from Bob's Burgers, although no other details about casting or the story are known yet.

The threequel even saw a slight round of controversy with Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld having some concerns over the franchise's future releases, although he now appears thrilled to see what becomes of his creation in the MCU. He even recently shared that he has information on what will come in the MCU's first Deadpool movie, although he made it perfectly clear that he's keeping his mouth shut.

Rob Liefeld Doesn't Want To Die Over Deadpool

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In an appearance at New York Comic-Con, via SyFy, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld touched on Marvel Studios' plans for Deadpool 3.

Asked by a fan if he could share any details about the threequel, Liefeld took the sarcastic route by saying he could share all he knows about it before asking about the oft-mentioned Marvel snipers:

“Oh sure. Let me share everything I know about Deadpool 3! Where's the sniper that's going to shoot me?"

He followed that comment by admitting that he would "love to tell" fans what he actually knows, but that he can't "because (he values his) life."

Liefeld Keeps Mum On Deadpool 3 Details

Deadpool 3 is quickly becoming one of Marvel Studios' most highly anticipated films thanks to Ryan Reynolds' portrayal of the anti-hero, especially as the mutants officially join the MCU.

Falling right in line with others involved with Marvel Studios, Liefeld clearly understands how important it is to keep those details a secret until the time is right. Even considering Liefeld's role in bringing Deadpool to life three decades ago, Marvel Studios is a different animal altogether, one that keeps details of future stories a secret by any means necessary.

Currently, Ryan Reynolds is the only cast member confirmed to be in Deadpool 3, with multiple past players like Karan Soni and Zazie Beetz unsure if they will have the chance to reprise their roles from the first two films. As Phase 4 continues to expand, this threequel will hopefully make more progress toward its own release.

Deadpool 3 is currently in the early stages of development for Marvel Studios.

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