Deadpool 3: Taxi Driver Actor Comments on Return Possibilities

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Deadpool 3 is happening, but details remain close to the vest.

Disney's 2019 merger with 21st Century Fox brought the X-Men and Fantastic Four back to Marvel Studios, much to fans' delight. While it became a foregone conclusion that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would reboot the clunky timeline of mutants and the latest critically-panned take on Marvel's First Family, fans held out hope that a certain Merc with a Mouth would remain the same in his new franchise.

Marvel Studios has not only confirmed that Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as Wade Wilson in the MCU's Deadpool 3, but it will also reportedly retain its R-rating

Other than the movie's leading man and its parental guidance warning, not much else is known about the threequel. It seems obvious that a number of MCU characters will make their way into Deadpool 3but will any of the franchise's supporting stars from the Fox movies be making the leap to the House of Mouse?



Say that five times fast.

Speaking with Lights, Camera, BarstoolDeadpool star Karan Soni expressed uncertainty about whether he would be reprising his role as Wade Wilson's taxi driver, Dopinder, in Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3:

"I don't know anything yet. All I have is that I initially signed up for four movies when they first sort of, did that thing, but that's when it was at Fox. So I truly have no idea. When we were at Fox, they used to communicate a little bit more in terms of... I think the [Deadpool] movies were a bit more of a priority for Fox. Disney can do what they want. So I think Disney's sort of like, 'You'll come when we tell you to come, if we ask you to come.'"

Regardless of what the future holds for Dopinder, Soni emphasized his excitement for the Deadpool franchise to continue at Disney:

"I'm really excited that the character will continue because I feel like the superhero space is a little oversaturated. There's just a little bit too much stuff happening, but to me, Deadpool, mainly Ryan's performance, still feels very unique and original and singular. I'm really glad it gets to continue because he's just such a talent, and what he's created you can't recast that part very easily."

Even with two films behind them, Soni noted that there is still a gold mine of material untouched by the Merc with a Mouth:

"In terms of him getting to comment on this merger and all of this stuff, I think there's so much material there. As a fan I'm excited. I hope I get to come back, but if not, I'm happy I got to be part of something so cool."

Reports have indicated Deadpool 3 will keep the franchise's R-rating, something Soni said is integral to the character's authenticity:

"To me personally, it feels kind of against the point of it all, but I have no power. I would think that Ryan, who does have power, would want it to not [be PG-13] because he worked so hard to get this made in a specific way. Especially the first movie, where everyone said no so many times, and it was made for very little money for what is normal for these kind of movies. He did all of that because he wanted it to be authentic."

Soni went as far to say that "Ryan [Reynolds] doesn't need to do Deadpool 3,citing how the actor has not been hard-pressed for work:

"I think he would only do it if felt to him that they were getting to do what they wanted. I don't know Kevin Feige personally, but he is one of the biggest fans of comic books, and I have to think that he was happy with how that character was portrayed in those two [previous] movies. I just feel like with all of this stuff now, there's so much competition. There's so much content. You kind of got to like, take risks. Even Disney's got to take risks."


While Soni's involvement remains up in the air, his passion for the franchise cannot be understated.

Some have come forward and hinted that Deadpool does not need an R-rating to be successful, but actors like Soni emphasize that that aspect of the Merc with a Mouth is a character-defining trait. Deadpool 3 will be a box office smash no matter what it's rated, but Soni suggested it wouldn't be authentically Wade Wilson without a parental guidance warning.

Soni's contract status is also noteworthy. His four film deal indicates that Fox was either planning a quartet of Deadpool movies or a trilogy and an X-Force flick. X-Force was in development at Fox but was canceled due to the imminent merger with Disney. Dopinder doesn't exactly fit the bill of the mutant task force, but he could've provided taxi transportation to the crew.

Beyond the contract and R-rating, Soni brought up an interesting perspective on Disney's priorities. At Fox, Deadpool was the studio's most-profitable comic book film by over $100 million. Wade Wilson was Fox's golden goose, but, at Disney, he's just another intellectual property. As popular as the character is, Marvel Studios already has a handful of billion-dollar franchises in its hands.

This POV is likely why Deadpool 3 isn't being fast-tracked, but Soni's faith in Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige restores hope that the threequel will arrive sooner rather than later.

Deadpool 3 is currently in production at Marvel Studios.

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