Deadpool 3: Zazie Beetz Addresses Potential MCU Future

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Marvel Studios' expansion into Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is starting off with a bang thanks to the completion of WandaVision , the franchise's first exclusive entry on Disney+ . This will continue in just over a week when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives, already building rave reviews during its press preview .

After the more than two dozen projects confirmed through 2023, Marvel Studios will start moving into some uncharted waters in terms of new characters, specifically from the widely popular X-Men. Last week's reveal of plans for The Mutants sent the internet into a frenzy, and there are already set plans for Ryan Reynolds to join the fray as Wade W. Wilson in Deadpool 3 .

While that film is working to pull its cast and crew together, one of the franchise's past stars revealed her own status for the MCU's future.


In a recent interview with Collider , Deadpool 2 star Zazie Beetz spoke on how she hasn't signed on to return to her role of Domino in the MCU, but "would love to reprise the role" in Deadpool 3. Going further, she is even interested in working out "a way to make a Domino movie or something like that" should the opportunity arise.:

“No, I haven’t [heard about Domino's return]. I would love to revive the role. That was always in the world of what was potentially going to happen. I haven’t had any specific conversations around it. But I’m interested. Not only would I love to revive the role, I would love to figure out a way to make a Domino movie or something like that. We’ll see what happens, but I haven’t had any personal conversations."


Zazie Beetz came into Deadpool 2 bringing the classic Marvel Comics character Domino to life, blessed with the powers of sheer, unadulterated luck.

Her abilities and dry sarcasm were shown off to great extent in her first Marvel adventure as she helped Wade Wilson in his second solo outing ; this included bringing hysterical laughter with moments like carrying Wade like a backpack and guessing the one-number combination to his power-hindering collar in the final scene.

Beetz is becoming a comic-book movie veteran, even appearing in the Academy Award-winning Joker in 2019 after her work with Fox Studios and Marvel. If she does return as the luck-driven heroine in the MCU, it will be interesting to find out what becomes of her character.

It seems as though Deadpool 3 will be the only formerly Fox-owned property to continue its story from the X-Men movies, which will undoubtedly lead to some top-notch comedy from Ryan Reynolds as he breaks the MCU's fourth wall. Domino and Deadpool developed quite the bond in their one appearance together, and it could make for some fantastic storytelling should they have the chance to continue alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Deadpool 3 is currently in the early stages of development, and it doesn't have a release date yet.

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