Elizabeth Olsen Reacts to John Krasinski's Rumored Replacement for Fantastic Four Hero

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John Krasinski as Reed Richards, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda

Elizabeth Olsen was surprised to learn that John Krasinski's rumored Reed Richards replacement will be Adam Driver.

Many fans were elated to see John Krasinski in the role of Reed Richards, a long-time Fantastic Four fan cast, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But, of course, audiences know what quickly became of Krasinski's Fantastic Four patriarch.

After the Scarlet Witch killed Mr. Fantastic in the Doctor Strange sequel, speculation began to swirl about whether Krasinski would return to the role or be recast. But it appears that rumors point to the latter being the case.

So far, the leading candidate for the role has been Adam Driver, most well-known for his work as Kylo Ren in Star Wars

Elizabeth Olsen Learns About Krasinski's Rumored Replacement

John Krasinski, Fantastic Four

In an interview with Josh Horowitz on Happy Sad Confused, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness actress Elizabeth Olsen shared her feelings about the Adam Driver Fantastic Four rumors.

After discussing advice for actors joining the MCU with Olsen, Horowitz told her that "a rumor floating around right now" is that "Adam Driver is going to play [Reed Richards]:"

"Yeah, I’m not asking you for info on this, because this is just a rumor floating around right now, but for instance, speaking of the world's smartest man, the rumor's that Adam Driver is going to play that character."

Olsen could only respond with a surprised "What?" and questioned what that meant for John Krasinski's Reed Richards before realizing, "Oh, because different multiverses? Okay."

Horowitz reaffirmed to listeners that it meant "anyone can still play it," with Olsen interjecting with an excited, "I understand now!"

The discussion veered to questioning whether Driver would commit himself to as many movies as Olsen has for the MCU. She asked, "How many kids does he have?" To which Horowitz responded, "I think he has a couple."

Olsen's question about Driver having children is likely in relation to many actors taking on these superhero roles either to make their kids happy or to have a big payday to put meals on the table.

How Much Would Adam Driver Actually Commit?

Horowitz did bring up a good question about how Driver's tenure in the MCU would work compared to previous stars.

However, Driver was already the villain of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, so would he really want to enter another enormous franchise?

As Olsen explained through her own experience, she believes that if an actor "gives [Marvel Studios] one," and wants to return to the role, then they'll "now have more creative control over the next one."

This is thanks to Marvel Studios no longer conscripting stars to 10-year-long contracts, which gives the actors more bargaining power for follow-up appearances.

Fantastic Four is slated to release in theaters on February 14, 2025.

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