Watch: New Moon Knight Footage Teases Major Twist

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Moon Knight Logo Marc Spector Toy

As fans have experienced in the premiere of Moon Knight, the series is told from the perspective of Steven Grant. The debut episode showed him continuously blacking out, with the audience, like him, unaware of what was happening. By the episode's end, Grant is utterly distraught at what's happening to him and doesn't know whether it's real.

Grant's persistent is confusion is something that will no doubt continue in Moon Knight as the danger escalates, especially when Mr. Knight makes his introduction. But, newly released footage for Moon Knight should elate fans of the character, as it only points to the series becoming even more surreal.

Strange Makeshift Moon Knight Action Figure

A promotional video for Moon Knight spotlighting its critical reception has been released, including new footage. But, quick snippets showing Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector in a strange white room were most intriguing.

Moon Knight Action Figure Marc Spector Top View
Marvel Studios

Spector appears to be wearing all white himself, possibly scrubs of some kind, as he notices an action figure lying on the ground next to him.

Marc Spector Moon Knight Action Figure Side View
Marvel Studios

It is actually an action figure of Spector's alternate persona, Moon Knight, upon closer inspection. However, it isn't an officially licensed toy but a modification of one. The action figure has scotch tape wrapped around its head to represent a mask and a cape made from a torn, dirty rag.

Action Figure Moon Knight Series
Marvel Studios

Watch the full video below:


Marc Spector Trapped in an Asylum

Fans of Moon Knight, especially of Jeff Lemire's run on the character, should immediately recognize what this footage is depicting. It was reported that Lemire's "Moon Knight" was a significant inspiration for the series, which makes the appearance of this scene unsurprising.

In Lemire's story, Spector was trapped in an asylum where a psychiatrist, Dr. Emmet, attempted to convince him that he wasn't Moon Knight. Emmet told him that it was a delusion brought about by his dissociative identity disorder, but Spector refused to believe her.

Moon Knight Comic Panel Marc Spector Dr. Emmet
"Moon Knight" (2016) — Issue #1

Emmet went on to show Spector a binder filled with drawings he had done, portraying himself as the Crescent Crusader. The action figure in the series will likely be used in a similar vein to convince Spector that him being Moon Knight is a product of his imagination.

Moon Knight Drawings Marc Spector Comic Panel
"Moon Knight" (2016) — Issue #1

Khonshu came to help Spector recognize the truth about the asylum, as he quickly realized that his doctor was the goddess Ammit, who was using Emmet as a host. Eventually, Spector successfully incapacitated the doctor and escaped the institution, only to stumble into an even stranger world.

Ammit Moon Knight Comic Panel Irish
"Moon Knight" (2016) — Issue #2

Lemire even showed Ammit aided by two jackals possessing two orderlies in the asylum, who had beaten Spector routinely. It'd give a reason why Harrow can summon these creatures using Ammit's power.

Ammit True Form Moon Knight Comic Panel
"Moon Knight" (2016) — Issue #3

It's possible that Harrow is successful in freeing Ammit and the goddess attempts to infiltrate Spector's mind. The original story revealed Khonshu trying to break down Spector's mind to possess him, but that could be changed to Ammit being the culprit.

Fans will have to continue watching Moon Knight on Disney+ on Wednesdays to find out what this means for our titular hero.

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