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Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac

Just before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness makes its mark in theaters, Marvel Studios will bring the sixth and final episode of Moon Knight to Disney+ on May 4. The season finale is set to put Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector through the ringer in terms of action, drama, and emotion all at the same time as he looks to return to the real world from his difficult predicament.

Incredibly, Marc taking a bullet to the chest from Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow was almost the least of his problems, as he and Steven Grant, his alternate personality, had to take an emotional trip down memory lane. This came to a close when Steven seemingly perished at the dead hands of the Duat, allowing Marc to move to the Field of Reeds within the ancient Egyptian afterlife.

Seeing as there's no way Marvel would kill off Moon Knight after his first solo series, the final episode will have plenty of plotlines to tackle after Spector comes back to life to stop whatever Harrow has planned. Now, ahead of that finale, Marvel's promotional team has put together a thrilling new trailer to tease a bit of what fans can expect to see this week.

Marvel Releases Moon Knight Finale Teaser

Marvel Studios released a 30-second trailer ahead of the final episode of Moon Knight, which will begin streaming on Disney+ on May 4.

Most of the footage comes from the first five episodes, including clips of Marc Spector and Steven Grant's battles alongside Tawaret in the afterlife. There are also a couple of quick moments that will come in Episode 6 featuring Moon Knight's upcoming battle with Arthur Harrow as he gets Khonshu back, along with his suit and powers.

Harrow stands on top of what appears to be an Egyptian pyramid as he holds his glowing staff, ready for whatever appears in front of him.

Arthur Harrow, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Marc Spector stands unmasked in his Moon Knight costume as he holds one of his moon-shaped daggers and says "I have to finish this."

Marc Spector, Moon Knight

A fully suited-up Moon Knight holds back one of Harrow's blasts with his arms crossed, taking the hit like a champ.

Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

The full spot can be seen below:

Marvel Preps Fans for Moon Knight's Finale

In classic Marvel Studios fashion, this trailer largely focuses on what's already come from Moon Knight rather than what's actually happening in the final episode. A total of fewer than five seconds of new footage showed up in this new trailer, meaning fans still barely have any clue about what to expect in terms of specific plot points and visual details.

It appears inevitable that Marc will reunite with the Moon God Khonshu and regain control of his heroic alter-ego, particularly after Episode 5 showed his full origin story and a trip to the asylum with Dr. Harrow. Thanks to this episode including a bigger cliffhanger than even the one in Episode 4, the team behind the MCU clearly has a lot in store for the end of this thrilling journey.

With only a few days left until the final entry in Moon Knight debuts, fans are racking their brains to figure out what Marc and Khonshu will see as Arthur Harrow unleashes his power. Even with a shorter runtime than any previous entry - coming in at around 42 minutes - the show's directors have teased that there will be no lack of surprises as the MCU's sixth Disney+ series comes to an end.

The final episode of Moon Knight will debut on Disney+ on May 4.

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