Moon Knight Finale Trailer Spoils New Scenes With Oscar Isaac & Ethan Hawke

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Moon Knight Finale

For Marvel fans, this is the week they've been waiting for. In addition to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness making its May 6 theatrical debut, the season finale of Moon Knight is set to drop on May 4 on Disney+. While it's true that the series has ushered Egyptian mythology and the Moon God Khonshu into the MCU, the show has largely focused on the mental and emotional realities of Marc Spector and his various personalities, as portrayed by Oscar Isaac

For the past five weeks, audiences have marveled at Isaac's performances, which often involved him acting against himself due to his character's Disassociative Identity Disorder. And, while Moon Knight has proven to be an emotionally gripping character study, the show still has several unsolved mysteries; and, to date, there hasn't been a lot of Moon Knight in action. 

While Moon Knight's lead director, Mohammad Diab, has teased both "surprises" and "a big action sequence" for the finale, a new trailer has now offered fans a sneak preview of just that. 

Marvel Releases Moon Knight Finale Trailer

Marvel Studios released a new 90-second trailer ahead of Moon Knight's upcoming May 4 finale on Disney+.

Titled "Rise," the trailer recaps the series' five episodes so far while also teasing upcoming scenes involving Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector and Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow.

While the footage included several of the same shots and lines from Marvel's other Moon Knight finale trailer titled "Power," this new spot shows more of Spector's Moon Knight in action and ends with an epic shot of him racing to meet Hawke's Arthur Harrow on the side of a pyramid. 

Other notable clips include Harrow causing destruction inside a pyramid, the return of Khonshu, a creature attempting to hunt down Moon Knight, and both Harrow and Spector battling outside a storefront.

The full trailer can be seen below:



Bad Moon on the Rise for Marvel's Moon Knight?

It looks like Marvel fans are going to get what they've been asking for in this upcoming finale. The question, however, is whether it's too little, too late? 

While critics and audiences have largely been united in the quality and range of Oscar Isaac's performance, Moon Knight hasn't quite captured audiences in the same way that WandaVision and Loki did in 2021. Complaints and critiques have ranged from the show's lack of action and connections to the greater MCU to its overall execution in terms of story. 

With only one episode remaining, many had hoped the show would come together in its finale; but reports which claim the final episode is only 42 minutes - and the shortest of all Disney+ series to date - has raised new concerns. 

Also, with Doctor Strange 2 debuting on Thursday night and officially on Friday, Moon Knight's conclusion could potentially be overshadowed. 

However, from what was shown in this new trailer, it looks like Marvel has been waiting for this episode to fully highlight Moon Knight and his capabilities. But regardless of how and where the series lands with fans, the show will always be remembered and appreciated for Isaac's performance and for ushering the actor into the MCU.

The finale of Moon Knight debuts on Disney+ on Wednesday, May 4. 

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