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Watch: Marvel's Moon Knight Trailer Pits Ethan Hawke vs. Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight, Ethan Hawke, Oscar Isaac
By Russ Milheim

Disney+ may seem like it has been around for a long time, but it truly has only just begun—especially for Marvel Studios. Last year, though, the likes of WandaVision, Loki, and Hawkeye introduced major new elements to the MCU and provided an impact just as large as many of the movies. This year brings many more series which are meant to do the same, the first up on that list being none other than Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight.

Ever since the show was announced, fans have been highly anticipating the arrival of the fist of Khonshu and the mythology that comes with it. When Isaac's casting was revealed, the excitement went through the roof.

Not much is known about the show’s plot, but there have been whispers about what to expect. For one, there are said to be several Egyptian gods showing their faces. Secondly, word has it that the series will be above and beyond the darkest and most violent of all Marvel’s Disney+ ventures yet.

Recently, Marvel and Disney+ shared that the first official trailer for Moon Knight was imminent with a 15-second clip teasing some of the action. Now, fans can take their first proper look at the upcoming show with that true first trailer.

The Moon Knight Arrives

Ethan Hawke Moon Knight

During the NFL Super Wild Card Game, Marvel Studios released the first trailer for its next Disney+ show, Moon Knight, which premieres on Wednesday, March 30 on Disney Plus.

The footage gives fans their best look yet at the titular character's costume, which takes its Egyptian roots into account and perfectly visualizes the classic Marvel superhero.

Moon Knight, Disney+, Marvel, MCU, Marc Spector, Oscar Isaac

Ethan Hawke also got his first screen time as Doctor Arthur Harrow, who seems to be the main antagonist of the series––or at least one of them.

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac, Marvel, Ethan Hawke, MCU

Alongside the new teaser, Marvel dropped the official poster. The image shows a bloodied wrapped hand, belonging to the titular hero, Moon Knight, holding his signature moon-crescent-shaped blades.

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, MCU, Marvel

The trailer can be seen below:


Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke Take Center Stage

It’s clear from the trailer alone that Marvel Studios isn’t shying away from the Moon Knight character seen in the comics. The hero's struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder takes center stage and looks to play an integral part of the plot.

Oscar Isaac is the perfect caliber of actor to take on the emotional complexity of the hero, alongside embodying the multiple personalities he’s burdened with. It seems that the show will lean heavily into getting the audience to question whether or not Marc Spector is actually a superhero or if he just needs psychological help.

The trailer also shows the first look at Ethan Hawke’s cultist villain Dr. Arthur Harrow. In the brief glimpses given to audiences, he looks like an intimidating presence, and while he seems only human, there’s bound to be more to him than meets the eyes.

Then there’s that costume reveal. Marvel has done it again, and they’ve completely nailed the look and spirit of the character. Start placing bets on whether it will go down as one of the best MCU costumes to date.

Alongside the trailer, Marvel Studios announced that the show is set to bow on Disney+ on March 30. That leaves just over two months until fans can see the Fist of Khonshu in action.