WandaVision: New Episode 3 Image of Elizabeth Olsen & Co. Released By Disney

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Ever since it was revealed that Wanda and Vision would be having twins in their Disney+ debut, fans instantly knew that "Tommy and Billy" were not far behind.

Known also as Speed and Wiccan, these two are the children of the unusual couple in Marvel Comics, and are part of the Young Avengers, which Marvel Studios seems to be quickly setting up for a potential series or movie .

At the end of WandaVision's second episode , the remaining Maximoff twin found herself pregnant and her world turned to color as it transitioned into the 1970s era of sitcoms. Of course, the serious won't be immediately explaining to audiences how Wanda suddenly became at least three months pregnant.

Regardless of when fans will actually get some answers on this, a new preview image points to it being the focus of the next episode.


Disney has released a new image from the upcoming third episode of WandaVision .

It shows Vision worrying over Wanda on their couch as a doctor, making a house call, examines the progress of her pregnancy with a stethoscope.

WandaVision Vision Wanda Pregnant

It seems like at least one of the wacky conflicts of the 70s episode will be focused on Wanda's sudden and unexplained pregnancy, which fans saw happen miraculously at the end of episode 2, which is now titled "Don't Touch That Dial ." It's more than likely going to just focus on hijinks involving her road to motherhood, such as her knocking fruit off a table with her baby bump seen in the trailers.

The last episode introduced the odd and ominous community's committee slogan of “For the children!” so it will be curious to see how that will play into this upcoming episode with Wanda now expecting. Fans of the comics should know that Wanda giving birth to children doesn't end well for her, or them, when a certain demon comes knocking .

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