WandaVision: More Colored Footage From Black & White Episodes Revealed In Costume Featurette

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Wanda Vision Black and White

In lieu of any direct teasers for episodes for WandaVision , Marvel Studios has been releasing featurettes focused on facets of the show. The first featurette that the studio released centered on the story of WandaVision and how it formed. This behind-the-scenes sneak peek also showed fans what the sets for the premiere episodes looked like with surprising choices in color.

A pair of posters based on 1950s advertising was revealed by Disney to celebrate the release of the first two episodes. This will likely become typical, as with The Mandalorian , so fans should expect another potential pair of posters to be released after the episode based on 1970s sitcoms launches this Friday.

However, before the third episode airs to audiences, another featurette for WandaVision has been released that gives fans more looks at what the set and costumes for Marvel Studios' first show look like in brilliant color.


In a new featurette focused on the costume design for the show, the cast praised the work of Mayes Rubeo with Paul Bettany saying that “The costuming on this is magnificent” and Elizabeth Olsen equally praising the attention to detail in how they have to look in black and white:

“The colors that we have to do for black and white. How it's different. It's just wild that you're thinking of those things.“

Kathryn Hahn directly applauded Rubeo, saying that she “is such a genius and such an artist.” Rubeo praised WandaVision for allowing her the opportunity “to design costumes of many fashion eras.”

OIsen also commended the show and the amount of details being put into it “decade by decade” when recreating these eras of sitcoms:

“WandaVision is truly recreating the experience in those shows. Decade by decade. We're all just getting to really invest with wardrobe, hair, makeup, design, everything.”


It's always so cool to see what black and white images and video actually looked like in color, especially for old movies and shows, since everyone involved has to deliberately design the sets, props, and clothes around the fact that it will be shot in color at all. It was already reported that the makeup department had to have Paul Bettany wear blue makeup instead of red , as it would come through better in black and white.

The clothing choices seen in this featurette seem to reflect this mindset too, especially with Mrs. Hart's surprisingly dark but beautiful, polka-dot blue dress.

This series of interviews for these featurettes could actually be part of something larger, as it was reported Marvel Studios would be producing their own documentary series, in a similar vein to Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian . It would be amazing to see more footage showing more of the show's development in greater detail than these short snippets.

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