WandaVision: Disney Reveals Official Posters For First Two Episodes

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After the successful run of the Infinity Saga, it's high time for Marvel Studios to take bolder risks in Phase 4, and WandaVision is no doubt a prime example of the studio's strategy. The highly-anticipated Disney+ series has been the major topic of discussion among MCU fans in the past weeks, mainly due to the unusual format of the show.

For starters, the marketing for WandaVision has been heavily focused on the various sitcom inspirations that the series is inspired by, ranging from Bewitched to ABC's Modern Family . During its premiere, the show took it up a notch by going straight to a sitcom format without any explanation, leaving viewers confused as to how Wanda and Vision managed to end up in Westview .

While it's expected that WandaVision will provide concrete answers in the coming weeks, part of the fun of the show's mysterious narrative is to keep fans guessing on what's really happening. Now, a new batch of promotional images from the Marvel series has arrived, offering more clues that the alternate reality is not what it seems.


Marvel Studios officially released two new posters for WandaVision , showcasing the titular MCU characters promoting their sitcom-inspired life in Westview.

The first image features Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff smiling while wearing a 1950s-inspired dress.

WandaVision 1950s poster Wanda
Marvel Studios

The second poster shows the human form of Paul Bettany's Vision alongside a mysterious slogan for the series.

WandaVision 1950s poster Vision
Marvel Studios


These posters definitely add more intrigue to the mystery behind the altered reality of Westview. On top of that, it's also fascinating to see how the marketing for WandaVision is shaped by the specific era of its episodes.

The slogan that is included in Wanda's poster could provide hints on how the sitcom-based shenanigans started in Westview. The ad's mention of the words “signal” and “dream” could directly point to what is really happening to the actual residents of Westview.

It's possible that the town's citizens are asleep somewhere inside the real-world Westview and all of them are depicting WandaVision as a dream. When someone tries to “wake up” from the TV world, the signal will glitch which will make them aware that everything is not what it appears to be. This could serve as a solid explanation behind Mrs. Hart's “stop it” moment from Episode 1 and Dottie's realization about the true nature of Wanda in Episode 2.

Meanwhile, Vision's poster pays homage to a classic nickname of the character from the comics: Victor Shade. For those unaware, Vision gave himself the aforementioned moniker when he felt saddened by the fact that he didn't have a human name.

Given the second slogan mentioned the fact that "the new slogan is the made in the shade," there's a chance that this could also point to the residents being secretly miserable about living in Wanda and Vision's fabricated married life.

Whatever the case, it's safe to say that WandaVision will continue to provide answers in the coming weeks, and it will be interesting to find out the real meaning behind the new reality that Wanda (unknowingly) created.

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