MCU Producer Teases 2 X-Men Superheroes for Upcoming Reboot

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Marvel Studios Producer Nate Moore revealed which two X-Men he's excited to see join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), one of whom he's already expressed interest in.

Despite gaining ownership over the Fantastic Four and X-Men in 2019, only the former was announced to be officially in development. Moore mentioned that fans might have to wait "a few years" until they see the X-Men in the MCU.

So while the group didn't appear in Phase 5 and likely won't in Phase 6 either, that doesn't mean the MCU is devoid of mutants. After all, Namor recently made his debut in the Black Panther sequel, declaring himself a mutant.

However, when asked in an interview about which Black superheroes he's excited to see join the MCU, Moore didn't miss a beat naming two prominent X-Men.

Two X-Men MCU Producer Can't Wait to See

X-Men Bishop

In an interview on Deadline's Crew Call podcast, Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore was asked what other Black superhero stories he'd like to see told in the MCU.

Moore answered that it's "no secret the X-Men are coming home" and that "Storm and Bishop" are "two of the great characters in that franchise:"

“There’s no secret the X-Men are coming home, and boy, if you talk about Storm and Bishop, they’re two of the great characters in that franchise, that I certainly could pitch you ideas all day of.”

When asked if there are directors for any X-Men films, Moore clarified, "No, we're early, early, early days, yeah."

Before Moore expressed interest in the two X-Men, he also gave credit to one upcoming Black character, Monica Rambeau, and how "Teyonah Parris does a fantastic job" in The Marvels:

“Oh boy, yeah there’s a ton. You’ll get a taste of it next summer in The Marvels, because Monica Rambeau, who was introduced in WandaVision, and Teyonah Parris does a fantastic job. But, she’s a great character from publishing, who’s been around, again, for decades.”

How Could Storm Be Portrayed in the MCU?

Storm X-Men comics

Storm has not had the best adaptations to live-action, often being reduced to a minor player among the X-Men. However, in the comics, she is revered as a goddess with the power to match and is often in a leadership role on the team.

It's encouraging to see an MCU producer such as Nate Moore so passionate about the character, which hopefully means she'll finally be given the respect she deserves when she makes her MCU debut. Still, the mention of Bishop is interesting since he's from a dystopic future like Deadpool's Cable.

The X-Men have often dealt with time travel, so it'll be curious to see if any future MCU X-Men stories will revolve around it even after Kang and the Multiverse are dealt with in Phase 6.

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