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Namor holds the prestigious distinction of being one of the MCU’s very first Mutants. But the team at Marvel Studios seems to want to pace themselves when it comes to opening the Mutant floodgates.

With Marvel’s forthcoming Black Panther sequel quickly approaching, many have been wondering about one of the film’s new introductions: Namor, as played by Tenoch Huerta.

The ruler of the undersea kingdom of Talocan (standing in for the comics’ Atlantis) Namor possesses the powers of flight and superhuman strength. He’s granted these abilities through his mutation, much in the same vein as Iman Vellani‘s Kamala Khan.

With Mutants now trickling into the MCU, many have been wondering about Namor and whether or not he’s meant to be a harbinger for many more Mutants in the pipeline. 

Namor’s Mutation In the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Speaking to, Nate Moore, producer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever acknowledged Tenoch Huerta’s confirmation that Namor is a Mutant. Moore also expanded on Mutants in the MCU a bit further, noting that Marvel has been leaving “breadcrumbs” toward those who carry the X-gene:

“No, it was fun. I mean… we don’t wanna get ahead of ourselves. We don’t wanna overpromise something that’s not on the horizon. But its… the truth is, Namor’s a mutant. You know what I mean? And as a fan of publishing and his history, it would’ve felt disingenuous to not say that. It’s fun to leave these breadcrumbs and sort of see where they go. And Tenoch is clearly very excited about it, which is great. Part of the fun of making these movies is seeing how the cast really embrace their characters. And allowing them to have that excitement and really live in it.”

Additionally, the producer discussed the pronunciation of Namor’s name (Via Comic Book Resources). In the context of Wakanda Forever itself, the character's name has multiple pronunciations, with some saying Nämor (Nah-morr) and others, Nāmor (Nay-more). Moore responded to this differentiation, commenting that different people from different parts of the globe might have distinct ways of saying it:

“...Nämor, I would say, obviously was given that name, also, by someone in the film. So, it’s not even something that is from him. But there is certainly a way that a Spanish speaker -- or even a Mayan speaker -- would say Nämor, versus a way that an English speaker -- or somebody who is a little more Western in slant -- might say Nāmor. And we thought that was just interesting. I mean, it’s a reality that people face, and it felt more genuine than having everybody pronounce it correctly, to be quite honest.”

Kamala Khan and Namor: The First of Many MCU Mutants

Obviously, Marvel Studios fully intends to bring in the all-Mutant superhero team known as the X-Men, eventually. A potential X-Men movie will likely greatly expand on things like the X-gene and how Mutations come about in the MCU.

But for now, fans will have to be satisfied with, as Nate Moore puts it, "breadcrumbs". Ms. Marvel was confirmed as a Mutant during the closing minutes of her solo series. Namor, of course, also belongs under the classification of Homo superior. And there are definitely many more Mutant characters on the way.

Also of note is the difference in the way Namor’s name is spoken. It does make a great deal of sense, within the world of the film, that different people of different dialects and regions would pronounce it differently. This should end up adding a bit of flavor to the film.

Viewers will be able to witness Namor in all his glory when Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opens Friday, November 11, only in theaters.

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