Spider-Man Homemade Costume, Web Shooter Close-Ups Revealed in New Concept Art

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Ryan Meinerding Gives Detailed Look At Homemade "Spider-Man" Costume

Fans only caught a glimpse of Peter Parker's homemade suit for a split second in Captain America: Civil War when Tony was showing video footage of Spider-Man stopping a car crash. Inexperienced and wearing what looked like a red hoody and camera goggles, it was the definition of homemade. When Spider-Man finally had his own movie in the MCU, audiences actually got to see the web-slinger wear it in the climax after his Stark-made tech suit was taken by Tony.

Obviously, this homemade suit had to be more definitively visualized, since audiences were going to see a lot more of it than a blurry image from Tony Stark. Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding was the one to finalize the look of Spider-Man's homemade costume, and he's now given fans a closer look.


In a new post on his Instagram, Meinerding has posted two images that give fans a closer look at the mask, gloves, and web shooters of Peter's cheaply made costume.

Meinerding's only comment was "Spider-Man homemade suit closeups!!" with the three images all in closeup.


It's always a joy to see concept art from this franchise, especially in such high quality to the point one realizes details that were always there. For example, Peter's goggles are two separate camera lenses overhauled with Peter's ingenuity and able to adjust their lens. When looking even closer, one can see that the goggles themselves are under the red mask itself, as Peter has crudely cut two holes out for both lenses. This means that if Peter were to remove the goggles, he'd have to take off his whole mask, as such was true in Homecoming .

A bit more interesting is a closeup of Peter's homemade web-shooters and their mechanisms. Looking closer, there is visible soldering in the interior of the device, along with screws. In fact, the two metal rectangles on each side are likely where the webs are kept, as there seems to be an unlock mechanism to release it and replace it with a new one.

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