Marvel Reveals Early Look at Tom Holland's Peter Parker in Homemade Spider-Man Suit

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
Tom Holland, Spider-Man in Homemade Suit

Spider-Man is one of the MCU heroes who shows great promise in the post-Infinity Saga era. Marvel Studios cast Tom Holland in the role when he was just 19 years old, giving the actor the chance to grow along with the character, a prospect that is clearly all too exciting for the now-24-year-old Holland.

When Spider-Man aka Peter Parker was just starting out in his superhero career, he was swinging around the streets of Queens, New York in a makeshift Spidey suit that he created himself.

This early attempt at a disguise was obviously made with whatever Peter had on hand, including goggles and a hooded sweatshirt. It wasn't until Captain America: Civil War that the teen hero met billionaire inventor Tony Stark who provided him with a high tech upgrade.

But before that, this homemade suit was the way to go for young Parker.


A new MCU tie-in book called The Wakanda Files by author Troy Benjamin offers up a fresh look at what Peter Parker might have looked like patrolling New York City in his original, homemmage uniform.

Within the context of the book, the image is a part of a personal log made by Tony Stark prior to his meeting Peter Parker. Referring to Pete as " That kid in Queens that's blowing up YouTube," Tony makes it clear in his records that he's very impressed with Peter's abilities and technology, especially considering he has no access to a legitimate laboratory or high-tech workspace.

Check it out below:

Source: The Wakanda Files. Publisher: Epic Ink

Fans have seen the homemade suit in action during the final act of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Peter wears it to fight Adrian Toomes aka, the Vulture after his newer, fancier suit is confiscated by Tony.

Peter can also be seen wearing it in one of Mysterio's illusions in the sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home . Additionally, eagle-eyed fans can catch a blink-and-you-miss-it shot of the costume being displayed on Tony's phone in Civil War .

However, the image in The Wakanda Files supposedly take place prior to all that, making it the first, semi-official glimpse at this particular garb for the web-slinger.

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