Evangeline Lilly's Marvel Future In Question Following Controversial Post

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When the pandemic began at the start of 2020, Evangeline Lilly was quite dismissive in a controversial post questioning the coronavirus. She went so far as to compare lockdowns and quarantining to "Marshall Law." However, she quickly apologized to fans and backtracked on her position following the enormous blowback from her comments.

After all, this was before she would begin shooting what would eventually be Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Unfortunately, Black Panther star Letitia Wright eventually made even more dangerous comments regarding the vaccine, which landed her in hot water with fans. Although, Disney apparently let the matter blow over, which was helped when Wright deleted her Twitter account.

Unfortunately for Disney, the matter persisted for some months with rumors of Wright actively promoting her anti-vax beliefs on the set of Black Panther: Forever.

Now, after two years, it appears that Lilly has wadded into the topic of the pandemic once again.

Marvel Star Comes Out Against (Mandatory) Vaccination

Evangeline Lilly

On InstagramAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star Evangeline Lilly posted a series of photos of her attending a rally in DC this past weekend supporting "bodily sovereignty" regarding the vaccine.

Lilly's full comment with the post reads as follows:

"I was in DC this weekend to support bodily sovereignty while Canadian truckers were rallying for their cross-country, peaceful convoy in support of the same thing.

I believe nobody should ever be forced to inject their body with anything, against their will, under threat of:

- violent attack
- arrest or detention without trial
- loss of employment
- homelessness
- starvation
- loss of education
- alienation from loved ones
- ex-communication from society
…under any threat whatsoever.

This is not the way. This is not safe. This is not healthy. This is not love. I understand the world is in fear, but I don’t believe that answering fear with force will fix our problems.

I was pro-choice before COVID and I am still pro-choice today."

As was the case with actress Letitia Wright, fans are divided in their response to Lilly's position on vaccination.

Many users on Twitter have condemned Lilly for her comments, such as user @oldsephisgone questioning that "Hope van Dyne would never?" and advocating for people to get vaccinated:

Others made fun of the fact that this is the second high-profile actress in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to publicly come out against mandated vaccinations, like editor-in-chief of Discussing Film, Jacob Fisher, who joked that "if they ever end doing an A-Force film the villain is probably going to be Pfizer at this point:"

Some fans have even come out in support of Lilly's position, as one user claimed that Lilly will be "dragged like Letitia Wright" even if they're "both right about their stance." Although, it should be noted that such support is in the minority, at least from fans on Twitter:

There is also growing speculation that, like with Wright, this could mean Lilly's eventual departure from the MCU, as The Hollywood Reporter contributor Richard Newby anticipates:

Thus far, it seems apparent from social media that most fans are once again frustrated that another MCU star has come out with a controversial vaccination stance.

Is Evangeline Lilly's Future in Question?

It doesn't matter if Evangeline Lilly herself is vaccinated or advocates for the vaccine itself. What matters is that she is echoing rhetoric that discourages people from taking the vaccine. It isn't a matter of people's personal opinion or choice to take the vaccine if it affects everyone else around them.

It's eye-raising to see Lilly making such comments, especially when she included a quote like, "All tyranny begins with the desire to coerce others for the greater good" alongside photos of the rally. Considering the recent controversy surrounding Letitia Wright and her anti-vax comments, why would Lilly now risk making such a post?

Filming for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania already finished months ago, so there's no way for her to be recast in the threequel at this point. But that doesn't mean Lilly still can not be dropped from the MCU moving forward. If the character of Hope van Dyne doesn't end up making it past Quantanium, then Lilly would be given free reign to take such a position without repercussions from Disney.

Fans will see whether Hope van Dyne has a future in the MCU when Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania releases in theaters on July 28, 2023.

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