Birds of Prey Movie Gets HBO Max Release Date

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Harley Quinn center, Huntress left, and Black Canary right with HBO Max Logo in foreground

After initially losing out on dozens of DC movies, including Batman and Wonder Woman, fans were concerned about the amount of content that would remain on HBO's new streaming service. But, an HBO Max representative promised that despite these removals, they would only be temporary and that there would be a monthly rotation of new content.

In fact, they have kept up with this promise with new additions such as the five original classic Superman movies and the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which even got Znyder excited on Twitter with him posting a new poster with Knightmare Batman to celebrate the occasion.

Since the animated Harley Quinn series will soon be streaming on HBO Max, it's only appropriate that another Quinn-centric piece of content hits the service next month.


It's been revealed in the next batch of content on HBO Max that next month, Birds of Prey is scheduled to release August 15th.


As promised, there seems to be a continuous rotation of DC movies rolling out on a monthly basis, even if it only seems like one movie at a time. But, this will likely continue for years due to pre-established license deals for the streaming rights of these movies, even for a newer one like Birds of Prey.

However, it's good to see Birds of Prey on a streaming service, making it more easily accessible to fans to see. Heck, if it gains enough traction on the streaming service, then maybe Warner Brothers will pursue making a sequel, despite its disappointing box office results.

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