DC Releases Official 60+ Character Postcard to Celebrate FanDome

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It certainly was a blow to fans having DC FanDome suddenly split in half just three days before the launch of the event. However, fans still have a lot to be excited about this coming Saturday, as shown in the latest trailer for the online convention.

Despite Saturday being a day dedicated mostly to the movies, the people behind the comics are just as excited as fans. Not only has Jim Lee drawn his own interpretation of Robert Pattinson's Batman, he has also collaborated with other artists to create something truly spectacular.


Posted by Mikhail Villarreal on Twitter, he shows three special postcards drawn by Jim Lee promoting DC FanDome, that then combine into one. Villarreal helpfully points out that the pencil work was, of course, done by Jim Lee, which was then inked by Scott Williams, and finally colored by Alex Sinclair.

Whole postcard by Jim Lee for DC FanDome
Jim Lee as Penciler, Scott Williams as Inker, and Alex Sinclair as Colorist


Javicia Leslie Batwoman Art
Javicia Leslie Batwoman Art

It's impressive the amount of characters that Lee was able to include into this promotional piece of artwork for the event. He was able to include practically everyone from all the CW shows like The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and even Stargirl.

Lee also managed to feature members of the recently revived Young Justice cartoon series, along with the more childish incarnations of the Teen Titans. Heck, Jim Lee even included both versions of Supergirl from the live-action series and the cartoon.

Mostly interestingly, right between the two of them at the bottom of the drawing, is what can only be Javicia Leslie dressed as Batwoman, which makes this technically the first image of Leslie in the costume. This could indicate that fans might be able to see an image of the actress in full costume at DC FanDome in September.

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