Marvel’s Midnight Suns Gets Exciting Release Update

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Release Date for Marvel's Midnight Sons Has Been Pushed Up

Marvel’s Midnight Suns was announced last year, which will feature not only characters like Doctor Strange, Robbie Reyes' Ghost Rider, and many more, but other non-magically affiliated superheroes like Iron Man and Wolverine. Unfortunately, some fans were disappointed to learn that it would be a turn-based RPG rather than an action game.

Even more unfortunate is that the video game has also been hit with multiple delays over the last year. The latest delay marked a disappointing release date for an unspecified time in 2023.

Thankfully, a new announcement at the Disney & Marvel Games panel at D23 has a more promising release date for fans.

Earlier Release for Midnight Suns

Coming from the D23 Fan Expo, the release date for Marvel's Midnight Suns has been pushed up from early 2023 to December 2, with news also indicating that pre-orders are open today.

Additionally, an animated prequel short for the video game will be released on October 31.

The release date trailer can be seen below, with all new footage of gameplay:

Promising Update for Marvel RPG

Video games rarely have their release dates pushed up, so this is a promising update for Marvel's Midnight Suns. The development team likely ran into an issue they couldn't foresee fixing by the end of 2022, hence the unspecified delay to 2023.

But, it seems that whatever issues plaguing development for the game have been fixed, especially now that it's ready for pre-order. So, it should be any time now for the game to be announced as gold and ready to ship.

While not many fans were happy about this game being a turn-based RPG, the developer, Firaxis Games, is famous for their work on franchises like Civilization and XCOM. So, hopefully, the game will at least scratch the itch of turn-based RPG enthusiasts.

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