Marvel Reveals New Gameplay of Doctor Strange, Iron Man & Many More From Midnight Suns

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Marvels Midnight Suns Gameplay Trailer

What a time to be a Marvel fan. Between weekly dives into the multiverse in What If...?, a new theatrical adventure in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and a couple of games down the pipeline, those that love the House of M have plenty to get excited about. 

One of these digital endeavors coming in the near future is Firaxis and 2K's Marvel's Midnight Suns. The title comes from the studio behind XCOM and Civilization and looks to inject a bit of strategy into the world of superheroes. 

Even though the project was just announced, fans have been clamoring to get their first taste of gameplay for Midnight Suns. Well, the Marvel faithful do not need to wait any longer.


Marvel Midnight Suns
Marvel's Midnight Suns

Via IGN, Developer Firaxis has shown off gameplay for their recently revealed Marvel strategy game Marvel's Midnight Suns

Unveiled during a deep dive stream, the title features a card-based power system, conversation trees & relationship building, as well as various outfits for the game's roster of characters.  

The full gameplay trailer can be seen below:



When the idea of a Marvel XCOM game first started to circulate, this was not exactly what fans had envisioned. As showcased in the brief glimpses of gameplay shown, Marvel's Midnight Sunseemingly is using more of a card-based combat system akin to Slay the Spire or Hearthstone, instead of the top-down tactics gameplay that can be found in XCOM and Fire Emblem. 

This is not a bad thing though. Card-based powers are nothing new in the gaming sphere, and even though they may be new to Firaxis, that does not mean the system will fall flat. Apprehensive fans should simply look at the team's resume of hit after hit to quell their worries. 

As for what else gamers can glean from this gameplay reveal, it was confirmed that Midnight Suns will include a full relationship-building system. It seems that the player-controlled custom character will be able to explore a hub area, commiserating with Marvel's biggest names and unlocking new powers, tag-team abilities, and costumes. 

Now with a game doling out various powers and costumes here in the year of our lord 2021, the worry of microtransactions comes into play. However, fans should wipe the sweat from their brow because shortly after the gameplay presentation the official Marvel's Midnight Suns Twitter account confirmed that there will be no gameplay-altering items for purchase in the game. Everything for purchase will be simply cosmetic. 

Marvel's Midnight Suns launches in March 2022 on PS4/5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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