Zack Snyder's Justice League Sequel Will Be Brought To Life as a Motion Comic

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At this point, it's been made abundantly clear to fans that Warner Bros. is moving on from Zack Snyder, but that hasn't stopped fans campaigning for his universe to be continued. Likewise, it hasn't stopped Snyder from hoping for his original story to be finished, despite disinterest from Warner Bros. and other executives.

Initially, Snyder had planned to continue his Justice League story through a book or comic, but there hasn't been any development on that front. However, fans did get to see Snyder's plan through storyboards shown at “The Dreamscapes of Zack Snyder's Justice League exhibit in Dallas, Texas.

In addition, Snyder has been talking openly about his plans for the sequels, such as Riddler employed by Lex Luthor to “figure out anti-life” or the Green Lanterns Corps fighting the forces of Darkseid.

It has gotten to the point that fans have decided to adapt Zack Snyder's Justice League sequel themselves.


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The Cultured Nerd announced that the LightCast podcast will be producing a motion-comic adaptation of Zack Snyder's Justice League sequel called The Dreamscapes of Justice League: A Motion Comic.

Based upon the original storyboards by Zack Snyder, Jim Lee, and Geoff Johns, this motion-comic is planning to released before the end of this year alongside an AFSP charity event.

It will feature narration by Ray Porter with a cast comprised of Harry Lennix, Karen Bryson, Sam Benjamin, Richard Cetrone, Christina Wren, and many more.

Artwork for the motion-comic will be provided by artist Mariano De Venezia, a colorist & comic book artist from Argentina, and assisted by eighteen-year-old Luis Bedregal, a VFX artist.

A title-reveal video was released by LightCast alongside this announcement, showing off Ray Porter's vocal performance as Darkseid in this upcoming motion-comic.




One has to assume that Zack Snyder has given this project his approval, especially when it's managed to include Ray Porter and Harry Lennix in its cast. Otherwise, it would be a pleasant surprise for the director, who has always appreciated his fans.

It will be interesting to see how fans adapt the storyboards shown in the exhibit as there are still multiple missing connective tissue pieces. So, will this motion-comic just be a narration of those excerpts and plot points, or will these fans expand on it?

Regardless, it's doubtful that this will stop fans from continuing to campaign for the return of the "Snyderverse."

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