Elizabeth Olsen Comments on Scarlet Witch's X-Men Family Ties and Her Hero's Tough Upbringing

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Wanda and Quicksilver

Ever since Marvel Studios' “Big Game” trailer for their Disney+ shows, fans knew that Wanda and Vision's twins would be making an appearance on WandaVision. More and more hints of their presence made their way into other TV spots and trailers, but still no actors attached to either Tommy or Billy, aside from an audition tape that also hinted at the appearance of Pietro.

In a new interview, Elizabeth Olsen highlights Wanda's desire to protect her family and children in WandaVision. Likely protecting them from nosy neighbors and S.W.O.R.D., who are encroaching more and more into Wanda's happy new life with Vision.


Elizabeth Olsen tells Comicbook.com in an interview that while she is uncertain of whether WandaVision will explore Wanda's lineage from the comics (such as her father being Magneto) but Olsen does say that the show will deal with Wanda's children:

“I think as much as I can understand parenting you would do anything to protect your family and your children...I think what it does bring up for her is this reflection of her own experiences from when she was a child and her you know, throughout her family.”

When asked directly if Wanda Maximoff's X-Men family ties would become an issue for her character in future MCU projects, Olsen simply stated: "I don't know."

Olsen says that Wanda Maximoff has a “tough background” as she has lost everyone she has ever loved in the MCU, such as her parents, brother, and Vision.


It seems implicit that Wanda will attempt to give Tommy and Billy the childhoods that she never had the chance of having when her parents were killed. Not to mention everything else that happened in her life, like the loss of her brother and Vision. It could be that by the end of WandaVision, she may want to make sure that her children continue to exist, even if it's at the expense of fighting S.W.O.R.D. to keep them.

In the comics, Wanda's fake children are rendered into non-existence again, but Tommy and Billy are later reincarnated as real boys who later join the Young Avengers. It will be anyone's guess as to how Marvel Studios will accomplish this in the MCU and whether they will survive Wanda's sitcom realities and continue living in the real world.

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