WandaVision Showrunner Explains Elizabeth Olsen's Final Words To Billy & Tommy

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently the prime focus of MCU fans right now, but WandaVision is still making headlines, especially after an impressive season run. Directed by Matt Shakman, the Marvel series gave fans a deep dive into the life of Wanda Maximoff as well as exploring the character's insane power levels along the way.

No doubt, WandaVision is a unique Marvel entry, considering the show's sitcom format combined with the usual action-packed elements of the franchise. As a result, it provided an avenue for Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany to showcase their respective MCU characters like never before , eventually leading to entertaining moments and compelling story beats.

Now, the show's creator has shared more details about an emotional scene from the much-talked-about finale of the series.


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WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer recently sat down with The Empire Film Podcast to talk about the Marvel series, and one of the topics discussed was the goodbye to Billy and Tommy from Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda.

To recap, Wanda's final line to the twins was, “Boys... Thanks for choosing me to be your mom.”

Schaeffer revealed that Laura Donney, one of the show's writers, was the one who wrote the scene, admitting that she was “good with these delicate themes:”

“You know what, that was written by Laura Donney. She is so good with these delicate themes and she helped me with that scene. It's so funny because I'm a mom, and she's not a mom, but there's something really beautiful about that sentiment. I do feel that way about my children.”

The head scribe of the show then explained the scene in detail, comparing it to the realization of real-life moms that the responsibility and ownership of having a kid “has a limit:”

“In this world for Wanda, Vision and the children are the only entities that she cannot control, and it's because they were created by her. There's something mystical about that, and that's what I feel with my own kids. Where did they come from? I don't know. Yes, I'm responsible in bringing them to this world, but at some point, that responsibility, that ownership, has a limit. And then there's this huge chasm of mystery. Yeah, there's a notion of like, they had an agency in it."

Will that sequence directly affect the MCU like Wanda's next adventure in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ? Schaeffer shared that she has "no answer," and the scene is simply Wanda recognizing “the gift that is these children:”

"If you're asking if there's like a larger MCU thing to that, I have no answer. It's much more of the emotional side of it, and that Wanda, in that moment, recognizes the gift that is these children.”


It's no secret that Wanda's goodbye to Tommy and Billy is a gut-wrenching scene to watch in WandaVision . In a way, Schaeffer's comparison of this MCU moment to real-life themes of motherhood should further elevate the sequence in the eyes of viewers.

WandaVision served as a showcase of Wanda's desire to have a normal life, and the inclusion of Tommy and Billy helped in achieving that goal. Even though the reality that she created was fake, Wanda still made sure that the love that she gave the twins was pure and immense, just like any mother would.

It remains to be seen if Tommy and Billy will make a grand return to the MCU, but the post-credit scene of WandaVision could hint that the twins are still alive somewhere in the multiverse. It's possible that the twins could be Wanda's motivation for studying the Darkhold, and it could point to more problems for the multiverse.

Despite that, it's clear that the intention of Wanda of bringing her kids back is a good one, and it's reasonable to assume that everything will work out in the end with the help of a certain Sorcerer Supreme.

After all, a mother's love is a powerful trait, and WandaVision already proved that Wanda did the right thing in the end.

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+.

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