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Since WandaVision came to an end on March 5, the cast and crew of the first MCU Disney+ series have been discussing the show's best and most surprising moments.

The series is the first time Wanda Maximoff and Vision have truly held the spotlight in an MCU project since both characters debuted in Avengers: Age of Ultron back in 2015. Fans have been able to see new sides of the two and get a deeper look into their romantic relationship thanks to WandaVision .


In an interview with The Daily Princetonian , WandaVision head writer Jac Schaeffer discussed the emotional impact of Wanda and Vision's farewell scene in the final episode. She called it "the heart of the show" but explained why she "wasn’t sure if it would survive the development of the series."

"The thing that still moves me and I kind of can’t get over it is their [Wanda and Vision’s] goodbye scene. It was written very early. The kernel of it was part of my original pitch. I wasn’t sure if it would survive the development of the series. But Vision talking about all the things he’s been and the idea of 'what will he be next?,' that was a really early idea. I really love Paul Bettany as a person, and he loved that piece, too, so it’s very beautiful to me. That scene is totally the heart of the show."

Speaking about Wanda and Vision's relationship as a whole, Schaeffer said that she likes that "There’s just a real innocence to it and a real optimism and hopefulness."

"They’re so guileless. I’m a sarcastic person, I’m a sassy person. Most of my world is entrenched in humor and, prior to “WandaVision,” they weren’t funny, like, at all. They were serious and lovely and well-intentioned. I have always found that so beautiful about the two of them, that they didn’t sign up to be flying through the air and going after bad guys. That’s not what they wanted. They’re after something simple, and they just love each other so completely. There’s just a real innocence to it and a real optimism and hopefulness, and that’s what I find totally bewitching about the two of them."


Since Wanda and Vision weren't as fleshed-out characters as some other heroes in the MCU pre- WandaVision , the show's creative team (including Schaeffer) had the opportunity to showcase aspects of their personalities that hadn't been seen in past projects, helping to define their characters in the franchise moving forward.

As Schaeffer mentioned, Wanda and Vision weren't known as comedic prior to WandaVision , but the sitcom setting and even simply having more time to dedicate to the two allowed the showrunners to develop that side of their personalities and bring them to life. As a result, the characters felt much more well-rounded in the series than in previous Marvel projects.

However, Schaeffer and the writers also kept the core of their relationship intact. The serious and passionate love between the two needed to be at the center of the show for the story to work, and it definitely was.

WandaVision showed how the Disney+ series showrunners working with previously-established MCU characters have a great opportunity to bring their own strengths as creators - like Schaeffer's comedic style - to the project in question, allowing viewers to see the heroes in a new light as a result.

All nine episodes of the series, plus Marvel Studios' Assembled: The Making of WandaVision are now available to stream on Disney+.

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