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Wiccan and Speed

Warning — This article contains spoilers for WandaVision.

WandaVision is the MCU’s first project in the massive Phase 4 slate. So far, the series is off to an impressive start, as clearly shown by the overwhelmingly positive reception of the Disney+ series from fans and critics. 

Part of WandaVision’s success is the show’s intriguing storyline that is imbued with various sitcom tropes across several decades of television. This led to numerous theories from viewers, with them speculating on what’s really happening in Westview. From the mysterious beekeeper to subtle MCU references during the first two episodes, it’s no doubt that WandaVision has no shortage of mysteries

Aside from the ongoing guesswork, the latest episode of the show included a major callback from the comics in the form of Wanda and Vision’s twins: Tommy and Billy. Given the complicated history of the children, it’s possible that Marvel Studios will tackle some key plot points on-screen. 

Now, The Direct provides a much-needed breakdown of Tommy and Billy’s backstory from the pages of Marvel Comics, and how it could be adapted to the MCU. 


Wanda, Comic of Scarlet with Speed and Wiccan
Marvel Studios

Much like what's been shown in the MCU so far, Wanda and Vision had a similar romantic relationship in the comics, and it led to the creation (literally) of their twin children, Tommy and Billy. Conceptualized by Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheun, the pair of super kids debuted in 1986's The Vision and the Scarlet Witch Vol. 2, #12. 

Considering that Vision is an android, Wanda had to be creative in order to fulfill her desire of having a family with the Marvel hero. In a surprising move, Scarlet Witch created the twins by using her reality-warping powers, marking the start of a very complicated comic-book storyline. 

With a complete family unit, the pair went on to live a normal life in California, with both of them even leaving their status as Avengers behind. However, Wanda found out that the souls of the twins were made possible due to the fragmented essence of Mephisto, the devilish Marvel villain. This led to a heartbreaking moment where Wanda’s sons were wiped out of existence after Mephisto reclaimed what was rightfully his. 

Wanda’s memories of the tragic incident were erased by Agatha Harkness since it was pointed out that it was too much of a traumatic ordeal for the character to handle. 

Another villain, Immortus, used Wanda’s vulnerability to his advantage by drawing power from the hero. The time-traveling bad guy was defeated by the Avengers, which made Wanda remember the existence of Tommy and Billy that she previously had no memory of.

Needless to say, these painful experiences made for a hard pill to swallow for the Scarlet Witch. 

Wanda further used her reality-warping powers to her advantage, creating conflict within the Avengers as evidenced by the Avengers: Disassembled storyline. The peak of Wanda’s chaos was realized during the iconic House of M storyline, erasing mutants and rewriting the world as she sees fit. 

After the reality-shattering events, the twins were reincarnated in new bodies as superheroes Speed (Tommy) and Wiccan (Billy). They joined the Young Avengers, accompanying other members of the team including Kate Bishop, Hulkling, Miss America, Stature, and Patriot. Their power sets are eerily similar to those of their mother and her twin brother, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff.

Speed, as the title suggests, has super speed while Wiccan has magic-like abilities. Ultimately, the presence of the duo helped Wanda to return to her normal, heroic self. 


Wanda holding Speed/Wiccan
Marvel Studios

In MCU canon, the Young Avengers team hasn’t been assembled yet, but the latest episode of WandaVision could hint at the imminent arrival of the team due to the live-action debut of Tommy and Billy. 

The phrase, “for the children,” was used prominently in “Episode 2” of WandaVision, seemingly alluding to the fact that Wanda’s created reality is for the sole purpose of having kids.

Now that this has been realized in “Episode 3" of the show, it remains to be seen if the twins will follow the same fate as their comic book counterparts. If they do, then Wanda is poised to have a tragic breakdown that will have many unfortunate ramifications within the MCU to say the least. 

Fans already saw a glimpse of what Wanda is capable of in terms of protecting the sitcom-based reality of Westview, kicking out Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau into the real world after being reminded of her brother's death at the hands of Ultron.

As WandaVision progresses, it’s only a matter of time before SWORD finally breaks the multiverse barrier of Westview (or calls on a big-time hero lie Doctor Strange to do the heavy lifting for them), and it’s scary to imagine how Wanda will react during that resolution. 

From being the “madness” in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to becoming the main reason behind the existence of mutants in a post-Endgame MCU, the possibilities are endless for Wanda Maximoff going forward, and it seems likely that she will continue to be a major force in the franchise as Phase 4 continues to unfold. 

Meanwhile, once the issue in Westview is resolved, it is relatively unknown how Tommy and Billy will continue to exist, but there’s a strong chance that their Speed and Wiccan counterparts will be featured in some form moving forward. Whether Doctor Strange or even the live-action Mephisto will play a part in their comeback remains to be seen, but a good amount of evidence suggests that the twins will be back. 

Right now, several members of the Young Avengers team have either been confirmed or rumored to appear in the MCU. On top of Speed and Wiccan, Kate Bishop will debut in Hawkeye, Eli Bradley a.k.a. Patriot is rumored to appear in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, America Chavez will arrive in Multiverse of Madness, and Cassie Lang’s transformation into Stature was heavily teased to materialize in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

So all things considered, it’s reasonable to assume that the MCU is heading towards the eventual arrival of the Young Avengers. This set-up could be similar to the Infinity Saga’s Phase 1 where heroes pop up in different projects over time that eventually lead to the much-awaited team-up, either on the big screen or on Disney+. 

All in all, Tommy and Billy’s involvement in WandaVision could be another exciting hint of a new Avengers-related era for the MCU. 

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