Tom Hiddleston Reflects on Avengers: Infinity War's 'Fitting' Loki Death Before Return

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Loki Death Avengers Infinity War

Last week, a new cover for Empire gave the spotlight to Tom Hiddleston in anticipation of his series Loki, including an exclusive interview with the actor. A snippet of this interview was released which had Hiddleston talking all about how the show's logo thematically ties into Loki's character.

Unlike certain characters who will remain dead, Loki has faked his death in the Marvel Cinematic Universe several times now. This was done most erroneously in Thor: The Dark World, which was subsequently mocked in Thor: Ragnarok.

Hiddleston's entire interview with Empire has been released, and the actor spent some time reminiscing when he thought he was done with the trickster god for good.


Loki death Avengers Infinity War

Tom Hiddleston's interview in the latest issue of Empire is out in the wild, and the actor spoke extensively about his work on the upcoming show and his time as Loki, even when it was (seemingly) the end for the character in Avengers: Infinity War.

Hiddleston explained that he “had known about [Loki's death] for two years.” He was first told about it when Ragnarok began shooting in 2016:

“But Infinity War, I had known about for two years. It was the very first scene the Russos, Joe and Anthony, had [come up with]. They told me about it in person when I went in to meet Kevin and he was walking me through the loose sketch of the story for Ragnarok. This was May of 2016. So I knew, before I started Ragnarok, the endgame, no pun intended. And then it came time, three days in 2017 in the spring — I went out to Atlanta, and there was such a generous atmosphere from people on set. Some I'd known since the early days. Josh Brolin could not have been sweeter.”

The interviewer joked about Thanos having snapped Loki's neck like a twig, with Hiddleston describing meeting the Mad Titan actor, Josh Brolin, with a big hug. Brolin told Hiddleston, “I'm sorry, man” for what Thanos was about to do to the would-be King.

But, what touched Hiddleston more so was the good-bye he was given by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Marvel Co-President Louis D'Esposito:

“Joe and Anthony were so generous and they gave a huge round of applause at the end. Kevin and Louis sent emails saying, 'You're always part of the family. Thank you for an amazing ten years.' And I really felt it. I felt the poignancy of Loki referring to himself in that scene as 'Odinson', which to me was the final moment of redemption and acceptance.”

Hiddleston went on to describe how he felt about the scene itself, feeling that it was “a truly fitting way to bow out” and move on after ten years:

“He was someone who always felt marginalized in that family, but as he's describing himself to Thanos he looks at Thor and says 'I, Loki, of Jotunheiin Prince Of Asgard... Odinson.' And it felt like a truly fitting way to bow out. I took an exhale, the next day I flew home, and I thought, 'Well, that's the end of that. I'll go on and do other things. It's been an amazing ten years, and I'm grateful and proud.'”


The MCU has certainly had many fake-out deaths, especially during Phase 2, but rarely have they brought characters back from the dead.

The closest that this has happened was when half the universe was brought back in Avengers: Endgame.

However, it seems like Marvel Studios isn't ready to put down Loki for good, even if he's technically a different character (at least, one that audiences should be familiar with when he was more of a villain by the end of The Avengers).

It'll be interesting to see if Loki will finally be the end for Thor's brother or if he'll simply take on a different form.

Loki will begin streaming on Disney+ on June 11, 2021.

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