Ezra Miller's The Flash Reportedly Drops Cyborg; Recasting of Ray Fisher Debunked

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Ray Fisher's role as the DCEU's Cyborg became in question when he began decrying his mistreatment on set shooting of Justice League with Joss Whedon. This led to an investigation into his allegations, with Warner Bros. internally determining whether there was any evidence of these accusations.

A statement by the studio was later released, saying that Ray Fisher had been uncooperative in the investigation. In December, things seemed to have improved when Ray Fisher received a new response from Warner Bros. about the investigation, stating that there were “still conversations that need to be had and resolutions that need to be found.”

It would seem like these actions from Warner didn't happen at all, causing Ray Fisher to later say that he would “not participate in any production” associated with Walter Hamada, the current President of DC Films. Essentially, Fisher would no longer play Cyborg in the films, which evidently included The Flash, of which the character was heavily rumored to appear.

Self-proclaimed insider Grace Randolph reported earlier today that due to this Warner Bros. is currently auditioning actors this month to replace Ray Risher in the role of Cyborg for Andy Muschietti's The Flash, with the director “heading up the search.”

However, a writer for HuffPost and Slate has denied this new rumor, claiming that he has had confirmation from Warner Bros. that they are false and that no such recasting is taking place.


Mark Hughes, who has written for HuffPost and Slate, says that the report of Cyborg being in The Flash and Ray Fisher being recast are both false.

Hughes claims to have confirmed this with the studio:



Keep in mind that Mark Hughes doesn't say that Cyborg was “never” in The Flash, just that he isn't in it, which could just mean that the latest draft of the movie doesn't have Cyborg anymore.

It seems that Warner Bros. is more than likely just going to be avoiding recasting Ray Fisher for now, potentially in an attempt to reconcile with the actor or avoid the inevitable controversy that would follow with recasting Fisher after his heated dispute with the studio, their investigation into his allegations, and his treatment by Joss Whedon and other executives.

Cyborg was very much rumored by scoopers and trades to be a character in The Flash, which makes sense since Ezra Miller's Flash refers to thehero in his brief crossover with Thomas Gustin's Barry Allen on CW's The Flash. So, fans expected that Cyborg would appear, at least in a limited capacity, in The Flash as he's also a central supporting character in the “Flashpoint” comic event.

It's hard to tell whether Warner Bros. removing Cyborg from The Flash entirely is a good or bad thing for Ray Fisher's future as the character. It would be nice to believe that the studio wishes to renegotiate with the actor for potential future appearances. Still, Fisher seemed quite adamant about no longer working under any production headed by Walter Hamada.

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