The Flash: Ray Fisher Reportedly Wants Double the Money Warner Bros. Offered for Role

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Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Money Signs

Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, seemed to have hit it off and formed the start of a friendship in the original 2017 cut of Justice League. Many fans speculated that this bromance of theirs would be explored in future films, and for a while, that seemed to be the case.

Fisher is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with Warner Bros. over allegations of abuse and mistreatment on the set of Justice League. Despite this, Fisher is expected to return for reshoots on the new Zack Snyder cut of the superhero team-up film. While this seems to be more or less set in stone, it could be that future Cyborg appearances are now up in the air.


According to a new report by THR , negotiations for Ray Fisher's cameo in The Flash have stalled.

"Fisher is in talks with Warner Bros. to make a cameo in The Flash , a Justice League spinoff movie due to shoot next year." THR writes. " He has options negotiated for future appearances, including cameos, beyond the initial film. But in earlier drafts of the Flash script, Cyborg was a much more active player than the one in the current script."

However, the negotiations have recently reached an impasse. Fisher's potential paycheck for his cameo in the film, which is being described as a three-scene appearance, was reportedly upped by the studio. That offer was rejected by Fisher, who countered with a figure double that. THR concludes, "Warners turned that down, and negotiations have remained stalled for weeks."


The fact that Fisher has rejected Warner Bros. offer and has come back with a higher price tag for his appearance could mean a few things.

Firstly, it's easy to jump to the conclusion that Fisher's current battles with the studio is coloring his reaction to Warners' deal, as his dealings with them could have left a sour taste in his mouth. This could very well be the case. However, it could simply be that he felt that their offer wasn't worth his time.

Whatever the case may be, cameras on The Flash don't begin rolling for some time, so this matter has ample time to be resolved, for good or for ill.

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