Janelle Monáe Wants to Be in Upcoming Black Panther Movie as the X-Men's Storm

Janelle Monáe on left, Storm in the middle, and Black Panther on right
By Pierre Chanliau

Kevin Feige said in the past, after the successful merger of Fox and Disney, that fans should not expect an X-Men movie or even the appearance of the mutants any time soon . Feige said that it would be "years away,” as they had already "...announced everything through 2019, so none of those would be adjusted.”

Since Marvel Studios supposedly plans out its movies five years in advance, fans won't see the X-Men with their own movie until at least 2024, but that doesn't mean other characters couldn't appear in other movies before that. For example, a certain mutant could appear in Black Panther 2 , of which Janelle Monáe is advocating to play.


In an interview with Empire , Janelle Monáe was asked whether or not she'd been in contact with Ryan Coogler during the shooting of Black Panther in Atlanta since, during that time, she was recording her album Dirty Computer with Lupita Nyong’o, Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan even visiting her Wondaland studio.

When asked about whether she had inquired about joining the sequel to Coogler, she knew immediately which role she'd want to play in it. The mutant with the psionic ability to control the weather: Ororo Munroe, better known as Storm.

“I definitely have thrown it out there,” Monáe said, referring to past interviews and statements regarding the character and playing her:

“One of my dreams has always been to play Storm. I don’t know if she comes in Black Panther , but it would be a dream to have her in it. I don’t know where they are with that. A lot of women have played Storm and they’ve done an exceptional job, and I would love to be in that line of artists and get to do Storm justice.”


It's not very hot news about an actor advocating to have a job in the most successful movie franchise on the planet, but it's significant in the fact that Monáe doesn't really need the role or money. As stated in this article, she's already a successful musician being nominated for eight Grammy awards, two of which were for her latest album, Dirty Computer .

However, she's also gotten into acting in the last few years, starting with Moonlight and Hidden Figures in 2016, and both performances were met with critical acclaim.

Heck, after winning his second Oscar, Mahershala Ali and had directly pitched to Kevin Feige that he play and star as the character Blade in the MCU. So, while an exception to the rule, especially since Ali has two Oscars, Monáe throwing her hat in the ring for Storm should raise some ears at Marvel Studios.


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