Black Panther 2's Disney+ Spin-off Gets Disappointing Release Update

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As the MCU prepares to move into Phase 5, a new update on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever spin-off Ironheart brings disappointment for many fans ahead of its Disney+ debut.

Ironheart is quickly rising up the list of anticipated new MCU projects for fans after Dominique Thorne made her long-awaited debut in 2022’s Black Panther 2. But while the new series was confirmed for a 2023 release slot as recently as early February, there is some concern growing behind the scenes that this timeframe may not be final.

After Phase 4 brought the biggest round of new content in MCU history in terms of quantity, reports noted that Disney is looking to change its release model moving forward. 

To do this, multiple projects are facing delays and reschedulings in order for the company to prioritize quality over quantity after reviews and reception suffered in 2021 and 2022.

Ironheart Unlikely for 2023 Release

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The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the MCU's Disney+ series, Ironheart, is unlikely to debut in 2023, with the studio looking to spread out its content releases in the near future.

This comes as part of an overall strategic shift to pull back on costs and general output for the MCU, with one insider noting that there will be a close eye on Marvel Studios and other major studios under Disney's watch. 

This is in an effort to make sure that these shows are of high enough quality and earn the viewing numbers that Disney+ is looking for in each of their high-budget releases.

Will Ironheart Delay Ensure Better Quality?

Phase 4 brought arguably more discord amongst MCU fans and critics than any Phase in MCU history, with universal hits like Spider-Man: No Way Home and other movies like Eternals and Thor: Love and Thunder bringing plenty of disappointment.

With concern growing that Phase 5 is starting to bring similar reactions, seeing delays hit shows like Ironheart might not be too big of a surprise, and that may not be the last series to go through this situation. In the end, what fans want to see is good MCU content more than a ton of it in a short time, which likely means that Disney is going to do everything in its power to give Ironheart and other shows the chance they deserve to succeed.

The first footage for Ironheart only recently debuted at the 2022 D23 Fan Expo as fans take in Thorne's first efforts from Black Panther 2 on Disney+. And with some fans not completely satisfied with the way the character looked in her debut, especially on the CGI front, seeing the series delayed should give Marvel all the time it needs to make sure her suit and technology look top-notch.

Purely from an excitement standpoint, it's disappointing to see Ironheart face these kinds of delays, as it would be with any of the upcoming shows or movies from Phase 5. But if it results in better care for the quality of these new entries, it should do wonders for fans who are worried about the MCU's long-term place amongst its competition.

Ironheart is currently set to arrive on Disney+ in Fall 2023. The character can also be seen in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, currently streaming on Disney+.

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