Marvel Reveals Update on Disney+'s ECHO Amid Delay Concerns

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Echo, Alaqua Cox

With the MCU's upcoming Disney+ series Echo now facing unexpected delays, fans got an update on the project's status. 

Echo has been the subject of one delay after another over the past year, with concerns steadily rising about whether the series is of the same quality and standard that the MCU is known for. 

Initially set to be the second Disney+ show released during Phase 5 in Summer 2023, the series has now been pushed back and won't release until late 2023 at the earliest, raising concerns about whether the show will be successful when it arrives.

Alaqua Cox's solo Disney+ series was only one of three new entries that reportedly had its release date pushed back as Marvel (and Disney) looks to potentially lighten its annual output.

Marvel Updates Fans on Echo Production Status

Speaking with Collider, Marvel Studios VP of Production & Development and producer Stephen Broussard shared a new update on production for Echo, one of the MCU's upcoming Disney+ series.

While providing good news that things are going well, Broussard explained that this show is "a very different tonal sort of thing" than anything in the MCU. Calling it "very grounded" and "very spiritual," he also heaped praise on Alaqua Cox for her work as the series' lead actor, hyping up the show on numerous levels:

"[Production on ‘Echo’] is going well. It’s very different. Like, talking about Werewolf by Night to this. It’s a very different tonal sort of thing. I don’t want to say too much because there’s not a whole lot out there in the world, but it feels very grounded, it feels very spiritual in ways that feel fresh for us. Alaqua as the lead is incredibly compelling. I’m sort of hard-pressed to think of something that it feels like outside in the broader realm of the MCU, let alone within what we’ve done here. So stay tuned on that really cool stuff."

Broussard explained how important it is for each new film and series to embrace the tonal shifts for the leading characters, noting that Echo is something "much more grounded" compared to previous entries:

"It’s always about embracing whatever it is, right? Like embracing a Universal Hammer Horror film, kind of leaning into that and, I think leaning into what’s unique about any viewing property. What’s unique about this property is that it’s much more grounded, and it’s in rural Oklahoma, which is where it takes place. So it’s fun, and it’s been an amazing teamwork, and working with that team behind the scenes."

Echo Getting Back on Track?

Echo faced more production problems than any of its companions, even though the series completed initial filming a few months ago. But thankfully, these comments from Stephen Broussard seem to be a good sign for the MCU's first deaf leading heroine as she looks to continue her story after her tussle with Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.

The series has plenty of exciting plot points to look forward to as fans finally get more of the young heroine's backstory, going back to her Native American roots and providing more depth after her initial introduction in Hawkeye Episode 3.

And with fan-favorite characters like Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk in line for important supporting roles, which were already teased in the series' first trailer, anticipation is building to see how her story will fit into the ground-level excitement from the MCU's Phase 5.

Echo is rumored to debut on Disney+ sometime in late 2023 or early 2024.

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