Robert Pattinson's The Batman: Catwoman & Bruce Wayne Ride Through Chicago Streets In New Set Videos

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Catwoman on left, Batman on right with Chicago in background

Audiences got their first look at Zoë Kravitz's Selina Kyle in The Batman trailer released at DC FanDome, showing a very earlier iteration of the character before she donned her catsuit. As filming continued, fans got to see Kravitz in civilian attire after a disrupted funeral service.

Filming in Chicago was being eyed in August until finally, production finally landed back in familiar territory. The production shot on the same street that Christopher Nolan did for The Dark Knight, where Batman helped take down Joker for the first time. New photos and videos have surfaced, showing Batman and Catwoman burning rubber in Chicago as they did in Liverpool.


New photos and videos of Batman and Catwoman riding side-by-side in Chicago have been captured, the first set from local Chicago writer & photographer Joshua Mellin.

The first photo showcases some production design, giving the Wells Street Bridge in Chicago a Gotham City flair. The bridge was plastered with degraded posters mocking the crime-ridden city and even had fake street lights attached to it.

Another photo shows the back of the stunt driver for Robert Pattinson as a heavily armored Batman preparing to ride across the Well Street Bridge. Looking closer at their back, there are two orange squares, which could be used as a reference for VFX artists to add Batman's cape in post-production.

Mellin even included a short clip showing the stunt drivers for Robert Pattinson's Batman and Zoë Kravitz's Selina Kyle driving across the bridge at high speed.

Providing another short clip, Mellin captured the two drivers going at incredible speeds on the motorcycles just before crossing the bridge.

One more photo was taken of the two accompanied by another Chicago resident, Chuck Belanger. Belanger commented that before this photo was taken, "Batman returning to his Motorcycle after checking on Catwoman." Considering that a crew member is standing right next to them, this was likely not part of the scene, just Robert Pattinson's stunt-double checking on the other stunt driver before cameras rolled.


Liverpool and Chicago will be standing in for different parts of Gotham City, so it will be interesting to see if both shoots will be for one scene of Batman and Catwoman speeding through different parts of Gotham or if they're two different scenes. As the Liverpool shoots took place during the day, unless it was practice, it points to The Batman having multiple scenes of the two cruising Gotham City on their motorcycles.

The brief clips shown by Mellin don't seem to show Batman pursuing Catwoman but riding alongside her. This points to the two of them potentially working together, despite the trailer showing them being at odds when Batman catching her committing a burglary.

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