Chris Pratt Jokes About Chris Hemsworth's Body While Confirming Thor 4 Role

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Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt

The Hollywood Reporter said last week that Chris Pratt would reprise his role as Peter Quill in Thor: Love and Thunder , but the extent of his role wasn't clarified. The last time audiences saw Peter Quill, he was with the other Guardians giving Thor a ride by the end of Avengers: Endgame .

At first, it might have seemed like Quill would have a small appearance in the movie, dropping the God of Thunder off to join up with Jane Foster - a similar role that Benedict Cumberbatch had in Thor: Ragnarok as Doctor Strange.

Shockingly, The Hollywood Reporter later indicated that Chris Pratt's role could be more than a simple cameo, describing Thor: Love and Thunder as having an ensemble cast that could only be described as “an Avengers 5 feel."

Now, Chris Pratt himself has confirmed his role alongside Chris Hemsworth, seemingly intimidated by the latter's huge muscles.


Chris Hemsworth recently posted a photo of himself working out on his Instagram in preparation for Thor: Love and Thunder with the caption , " Cheat day today. Decided to treat myself to this extra large donut, gosh it’s heavy @centrfit :"

Chris Pratt commented on the photo, joking about the size of Hemsworth's muscles while also confirming his involvement in Taika Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder :

"Hey bud. Just heard from my trainer and he needs you to stop working out because since we’re gonna be in the same movie and everything he doesn’t want me to stand next to you if you look like that so I’m gonna need you to put on 25 lbs real quick cool thanks."


As amusing as Chris Pratt's comment is to Chris Hemsworth, it does seem to imply they'll spend quite a bit of time on screen together, further pointing to Peter Quill sticking around for the movie and likely the other members of the Guardians, too.

Vin Diesel was seen arriving in Sydney, Australia, last week, so it seems like Quill won't be alone. Diesel's arrival could be a coincidence, but it could also be that Taika Waititi wants him as the on-set Groot, even if all he says is "I am Groot." If this movie is said to be an ensemble, fans could hear more casting announcements soon, like Dave Bautista's Drax or even more likely, Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket Raccoon.

The addition of even more Guardians will certainly help make Thor: Love and Thunder feel like an ensemble cast, akin to an Avengers movie.

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