Spider-Man: No Way Home Book Teases New MCU Character (Is It Wong's Love Interest?)

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The anticipation for Spider-Man: No Way Home has been agonizing for fans with rumors of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning surrounding the threequel for months. No Way Home has at least received one explosive trailer that showcased Peter Parker accidentally breaking open the Multiverse, allowing villains like Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus to return to hold over audiences.

Despite all the rumors, fans still aren't quite sure what the film's plot or who all the characters included will be. Unfortunately, all fans had was merchandise as clues, such as a picture book set to release before the film.

Now, several pages of that picture book leaked, including a mysterious new character absent from the trailer, merchandise, and rumors.

Wong Gives Spider-Man Tour of Sanctum in Picture Book

Noticias Geek TV leaked several pages from Spider-Man's Very Strange Day! by Calliope Glass and Andrew Kolb, based on Spider-Man: No Way Home.

In the pages shown, it appears that Wong is giving a tour of the Sanctum Sanctorum to Peter Parker in his Far From Home costume, MJ, Ned Leeds, an unknown character wearing a winter coat and brandishing a snow shovel, and a disgruntled Doctor Strange.

One page shows Wong escorting them all through the Mirror Dimension, which reads, "The Mirror Dimension! Step by for an interactive experience that bends the laws of physics! Is it jarring, or is it terrifying? The answer is yes!"

This new character can be seen standing happily next to Wong with their arms in the air in excitement.

Another page gives readers a better idea of the basement seen in promotional images and LEGO sets, which is called "The Undercroft" but seems just to be "a dirty basement:"

"Next, be sure to check out The Undercroft! Okay, it's pretty much just a dirty basement. But still! Try on a novelty mustache or silly beard, just for fun. They mustache you not to laugh. Get it?"

Mysterious Character No Way Home Wong
Spider-Man's Very Strange Day!

A rat seen on the page is befriended by a fearless MJ, with the book saying "Make friends with other visitors! Some of them are rats!"

On the next page, MJ, Ned, Wong, and the mysterious character appear to try and cheer up a saddened Peter Parker and grumpy Stephen Strange, the page noting, "Not a rat person? Perhaps a dance party will help! Study energy and magic...and take the time to let loose!"

Amusingly, after this encouragement, all of them participate in a snowball fight indoors, thanks to "awesome portals to other ecosystems" in the Sanctum:

"Snowball fight! Plus, the New York Sanctum has awesome portals to other ecosystems. Get to know all about climate diversity!"

There's a brief moment of excitement as Ned falls through one of the open portals, with the book simply stating, "He'll be fine. Probably:"

"Enter a world of excitement and exploration! But also watch out for that open portal, Ned! Oops, too late. He'll be fine. Probably. In the meantime, step on over to..."

The last visible page is Wong giving everyone, including Ned, a tour of "The Relic Room," as the unnamed character is seen helpfully shoveling snow in the background:

"The Relic Room! Look, listen, and learn about these ancient artifacts of the mystical world! Please be sure to handle with care. Except that axe. Don't touch that."

Mysterious Character Shoveling Snow No Way Home
Spider-Man's Very Strange Day!

Who Is This Mysterious Snow Shoveler?

The most interesting thing about these pages is that this new character appears in each one, either seen shoveling snow or happily enjoying the tour with the other character.

It's unknown if this is an original character for the film or based on one from the comics, but there are two possibilities.

Mysterious Character Spider-Man Picture Book
Spider-Man's Very Strange Day! 

She could be a relatively new character in Marvel Comics named Zelma Stanton, a teenager that encounters Strange after being infected by Mind Maggots. After helping her, Strange asks her to be his librarian and even becomes his apprentice for a time.

However, it seems more likely that this character, if it is a character from the comics, is Sara Wolfe, who acted as the secretary of Doctor Strange and the love interest of Strange's assistant, Wong. Not only is the character depicted as taller than Spider-Man, MJ, and Ned in the picture book, alluding her to being an adult, but she's also often seen close to Wong.

Sara Wolfe Doctor Strange Comic
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme (1988) — Issue #11

Perhaps, when Wong is leaving the Sanctum in the trailer, she accompanies him. After all, he was seen carrying two suitcases, so she may have gone through the portal before him as Wong gave his foreboding warning to Strange about casting "that" spell.

Fans will find out who this mysterious character is when Spider-Man: No Way Home debuts in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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