Spider-Man 3: No Way Home LEGO Set Reveals Doctor Strange Sanctum Battle

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Spider-Man Doctor Strange LEGO

Spider-Man: No Way Home is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Rumors and leaks surrounding Peter Parker's third solo outing have been plentiful, but deciphering what information is correct remains a difficult task.

Many villains from Spider-Man's previous on-screen portrayals are rumored to hop over to the MCU, including Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin and Alfred Molina's Doc-Ock. Past wall-crawlers are said to be joining Tom Holland on his multiverse-hopping adventure as well, despite The Amazing Spider-Man's Andrew Garfield denying his involvement with the film.

Though these previous characters' returns are still up in the air, recent events on Disney+'s Loki have increased their likelihood significantly.

Now, a new LEGO set has teased definitive aspects of the film’s plot and revealed an all-new outfit for everyone’s favorite web-slinger…


The official LEGO website listed a new set based on Spider-Man: No Way Home, named "76185 Spider-Man at the Sanctum Workshop."

Spider-Man No Way Home LEGO set

The product will come with MJ, Doctor Strange, Wong in a new costume, and Spider-Man donning a brand-new suit with gold accents. The Sorcerer Supreme also comes with a brand-new mold for his cape piece.

Spider-Man No Way Home LEGO set

The quartet seems to be up against a big green monster, whose origins may or may not be multiversal. The battle is taking place in a workshop in the Sanctum Sanctorum, where many artifacts and oddities are scattered around the place.

Spider-Man No Way Home LEGO set



This seems to confirm that the location seen in a previously released promo picture was in fact Doctor Strange's Sanctum, and that the core trio of Peter, Ned, and MJ will seek refuge at the Sorcerer Supreme's abode. The presence of an emerald entity attacking the set's heroes is interesting, as it is unknown whether this creature originates from the multiverse or not.

While trying to escape the public's view following the unveiling of his secret identity, it is possible that Peter and his friends may have simply interrupted the Sorcerer Supreme when arriving at his doorstep. The wall-crawler may therefore have to help Doctor Strange deal with his problem before he can help Peter with his. Alternatively, this could be a consequence of the multiverse forming, with weird and wacky lifeforms breaking through to the MCU's main timeline from other universes or being created by the multiverse itself.

Peter Parker's new suit is another major reveal, seeming to be a hybrid of Avengers: Infinity War's Iron Spider suit and Far From Home's red and black 'Bosco' suit. This may indicate that Spider-Man's get-up is simply a modded version of the costume from his previous adventure, with the gold armor plating and gauntlets just providing a bit of extra protection.

Spider-Man isn't the only character with a new fit, as Doctor Strange and Wong are adorned with new accessories. Wong has a new coat to go over his original costume, which certainly makes a statement with its vibrant colors. The Sorcerer Supreme also notably has his Eye of Agamotto again, which was notably absent from Avengers: Endgame. As Stephen Strange no longer has to conceal the Time Stone in his necklace, it will be interesting to see why he has chosen to put on this piece of jewelry once again.

Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters, and the Sanctum Sanctorum, on December 17, 2021. 

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