Nick Fury Is Hungry In New Marvel Set Photos From Disney+'s Secret Invasion

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Several set photos and videos have already leaked from the set of Disney+'s Secret Invasion in the U.K. Actress Emilia Clarke was recently captured in the city center of Leeds as a mysterious character, who later finds herself at the scene of an explosion.

In addition, new set photos from London now show Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury enjoying some kebabs.

Although not seen on set for the first time, Jackson was also on location in Leeds weeks ago alongside Ben Mendelsohn's Talos, who are now longtime allies after working together to stop the Kree in Captain Marvel.

As for these new set photos, fans also see Jackson and Mendelsohn together again for another scene.

Former Director of SHIELD Orders Food

Secret Invasion, Nick Fury

Set photos captured by The Daily Mail revealed Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury ordering food in the dead of night from a kebab van during filming in London.

Fury is adorned in a dark-green beanie cap, a bushy beard, and not bothering to hide his ruined eye, pointing to the former director of SHIELD not keeping a low profile in public:

On closer inspection of these set photos, the language inside the van is Russian, the same as the set designs for "National Unity Day" seen inside the Halifax Piece Hall: 

Additionally, daytime photos showed Ben Mendelsohn on set embracing Jackson in a hug when waiting for filming to begin.

Nick Fury No Longer in Hiding

It's curious to see Fury no longer bothering to wear sunglasses to hide his distinct facial scar. This points to him not worrying about anyone knowing who he is in public, similar to Talos continuing to sport the appearance of former SHIELD Director R. Keller. Hopefully, both will be explained in the show and why they aren't being careful with their identities.

As for the bizarre scene of Fury ordering food from a kebab van, he's likely either waiting to meet with someone, like Mendelsohn's Talos or Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill, or attempting to act casual in public while investigating the explosion that rocked National Unity Day.

Fans will get to see what Nick Fury and Talos are up to when they see Secret Invasion on Disney+, likely in 2023.

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