Marvel Studios Artist Reveals Non-Official Design of Shang-Chi In Tribute to Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee on the left and Shang-Chi concept art on the right

Despite production for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings having been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak for dozens of weeks, it has been recently reported that production will resume in late July. But, even then, fans don't know much about the project besides some teasing from the actors and photos of the film sets.


Charlie Wen, former Co-Head of Marvel Studios' Visual Development, has released an unofficial piece of concept art with Shang-Chi in costume in a tribute to Bruce Lee.

Unofficial Concept Art
Unofficial Concept Art by Charlie Wen

With this image, Wen accompanied it with words of tribute to Bruce Lee and how they influenced the character of Shang-Chi. He continues, saying that Bruce Lee's "...contribution to the martial arts world and his inspiration to generations of greats in the sport of fighting is unparalleled." 

Expanding that Lee "refused to let the establishment prevent him from teaching 'westerners'" and that "He taught anyone that wanted to learn" and share in the beauty of his culture. Charlie Wen then disparages Donald Trumps rhetoric of division and inspiring hatred towards groups of people based on their ethnicity.

However, in the very last line of the post, Wen specifies that "...this design is not created for Marvel Studios."


As the title of the article says and Charlie Wen's own words, in no way should this design be affiliated with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings or Marvel Studios. So, don't assume that this will be what Shang-Chi's costume will look like in the movie itself. But, just because it isn't official, one shouldn't ignore Charlie Wen's words of praise for Bruce Lee and the obvious influence he takes from the martial artist and what could likely translate into the official costume design.

Remember, he wasn't just a concept artist at Marvel Studios, but the Co-Head of Visual Development right next to Ryan Meinerding. So, this influence shouldn't be dismissed offhand because of it's "non-official" nature.

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September 03, 2021
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