Brie Larson's Captain Marvel 2 Finds Its Main Villain In Zawe Ashton

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There has been plenty of excitement from the stars of the upcoming Captain Marvel 2, starring Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris, and how much they can't wait to work with one another. Larson has said that the new director, Nia DaCosta, is “the best person for the job” and that she gave “an incredible presentation” on what she intended to do in this sequel.

As Brie Larson begins her fitness training for the Captain Marvel sequel later this year, casting for the film has begun to ramp up too. It was recently rumored that the sequel was looking to cast a “strong African-American role” with a “prominent part” and that Marvel Studios was looking squarely at Zawe Aston for the role. A new report has now reaffirmed that rumor and that she has been cast, but not as a hero.


According to Deadline, Velvet Buzzsaw‘s Zawe Ashton has been cast as the main villain in the Captain Marvel sequel. The outlet didn't specify the exact villain who Ashton will be portraying.


Larson's Carol Danvers doesn't really have too many prominent villains that she can call her own, but one obvious candidate is Dr. Karla Sofen, a.k.a Moonstone. In the comics, Sofen is a morally bankrupt psychiatrist until she got her hands on an alien rock called a moonstone. The object is a fragment of the Lifestone Tree, which consisted of artifacts left over from the Big Bang.

Just one use can imbue anyone who holds it with extraordinary powers, with the moonstone giving Sofen similar abilities to Danvers. This was how she easily replaced her for a time in the comics as a member of The Dark Avengers.

Another possibility is that, if Captain Marvel 2 is an adaptation of “Secret Invasion” and a continuation of the upcoming Disney+ of the same name, Aston could be playing the Skrull Queen, Veranke. She is actually the instigator of the invasion, so Ashton's casting may indicate that she could appear in the show opposite Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn's Talos.

No matter who Aston ends up being, she'll have to contend with three super-powered heroines, so it'll be exciting to see how she'll stand a chance.

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