Spider-Man 3 Production Has Been Delayed Due to Pandemic

SPIDER-MAN 3 production has been delayed due to pandemic.

It was rumored yesterday that Seamus McGarvey would be joining the untitled Spider-Man 3 as its cinematographer, having previously worked with Marvel Studios on The Avengers and Thor. However, in a recent interaction with the British Film Institute, McGarvey has alluded to Spider-Man 3 being delayed due to the recent pandemic, with the BFI outright stating so. With the news of Black Widow being delayed along with Morbius, and production for Shang-Chi also being stopped, this news is hardly a suprise.


The British Film Institue is reporting that productions for multiple blockbusters have been delayed, listing The Batman, Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid remake, and the untitled Spider-Man sequel, Spider-Man 3

Additionally, the organization was able to get a comment from Seamus McGarvey, who was meant to begin production on a big-budget studio production in Los Angeles set to start filming mid-July. When asked about this, he said “For the past week I’ve been in a strange cinematographic limbo, not knowing if I’ll be able to shoot it or not." He continued “There is a significant amount of prep that can be done remotely, and we’ve been having daily meetings: work is progressing, and it has to. The film will happen, eventually." This indicates that the crew will likely have a prolonged pre-production before moving onto filming.


While McGarvey doesn't state outright the movie he's working on, it would match up with the reported production date for Spider-Man 3 as well as with Los Angeles being one of the several shooting locations planned for the movie's production. This would support the recent rumor of McGarvey working on this movie, now having been delayed.

It also seems like the dominos are still falling with more and more productions being delayed due to the outbreak. While it was previously reported that the delay of Black Widow would not greatly affect the MCU timeline, the continual delay of more and more productions and releases being delayed could result in an entire shift of Marvel Studios' upcoming slate. 


Pierre Chanliau - Despite earlier reports that say to the contrary, I can't imagine how these production delays won't affect the MCU timeline and slate in some shape or form. Considering that actor and production schedules were agreed upon in advance. Not to mention juggling when these movies would not be released, while avoiding them from eating one another.

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