Wonder Woman 1984: Two New Action Scenes Show Gal Gadot's Diana Fighting Bad Guys

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Maxwell Lord tied up on left with Wonder Woman in golden armor on right

Ever since it was confirmed way back that Wonder Woman would be without her sword and shield in this sequel, it has become abundantly clear that Diana's Lasso of Truth is getting a lot more use from the Amazonian. It also meant that Wonder Woman's lasso would get a lot more attention in marketing material and see even more unique uses for the magical rope, like catching bullets.

It still seems like it's a bit much for the Lasso of Truth to be picking up all the slack, so it's great to see that Diana's tiara will see more use in Wonder Woman 1984 as an especially sharp and destructive boomerang. Two new clips have been released that given Wonder Woman's headpiece a moment to shine as it arcs through the air.


An exclusive clip from Wonder Woman 1984 was released for Chinese audiences, giving fuller context to the mall scene fans have now seen dozens of times.

Wonder Woman interrupts what looks like a robbery gone wrong, with one of the criminals dangling a young girl over the railing of the second floor of the mall and dropping her. Thankfully, Wonder Woman arrives just in time to catch her and subdue them.

This clip showcases Diana confronting Maxwell Lord in the White House, who is presumably the President at this point, and orders his security to kill both her and Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman actually ends up getting nicked by a bullet, even bleeding, before using her tiara again to retaliate. 



By far the most interesting thing about either clip is Wonder Woman actually being injured by a mere bullet, one that only grazed her, and causing her to bleed visibly. The same woman was no worse for wear after facing Doomsday and Ares, the God of War. Wonder Woman herself seems concerned about this when Trevor asks if she's alright, only for Diana to say she doesn't know.

It could be that Maxwell Lord did something to her that reduced her powers, as she wasn't able to deflect all the bullets either, which has been a common ability displayed by her in every movie after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Steve Trevor's sudden return may have had something to do with it, too, as it could be that in exchange for getting him back, she's slowly losing her godly powers.

Of smaller consequence, it's cool to see that Diana will indeed be using her tiara more throughout the movie, outside of the mall scene seen in the trailer when it took out all the security cameras. After all, without the sword and shield, Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth and her tiara are going to have to pull their weight.

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